Always watching

Always watching

India Turner, Haley Breit, Kate Muldoon, and Ruby Cervantes

October 21, 2019

Long after the sunset one evening last fall, Madeline Hall ‘20 and two of her close friends walked cautiously along the sidewalk in downtown Denver. One of the girls glanced over her shoulder with every step, the anxiety of the unknown spinning through her head. The girls began to walk faster thro...

Food is good

Food is good

Lia Farrell and Evie Cuffaro

May 15, 2019

Boulder’s a pretty unique place in many ways, but the eating habits of locals take the cake (pardon the pun). From vegan foods to the growing popularity of juice bars, if it’s healthy and obscure, you can find it in Boulder. Ready to attest to this is Kaylie Cofield ‘21, who recently moved to...

Bax makes it big

Bax makes it big

Sebastian Manzanares, Staff Writer

April 26, 2019

Musicians have it rough these days. It seems like people have their taste in music and are too stubborn to give other artists a chance to impress. Artists break their back and their bank just to put out the a singular song that will separate them from the rest. In an abundance of scenarios, it ends up poorly for th...

Once upon a prom

Once upon a prom

April 24, 2019

The Cinderella moment  It’s that time of the year again where every girl is on a mission to find the perfect date, to make that fancy dinner reservation, and to book that huge limo… But let’s be honest. It’s all about the dress. From lace to satin to silk, from halter to strapless to ...

The cracks in the system

The cracks in the system

India Turner, Evie Cuffaro, Cara Racestien, Ruby Cervantes, Jonah Speyer, Lincoln Roch, Brandon Phillips, Savannah Griffis, and Nathan Phillips

April 23, 2019

There is a pressure to do everything: for parents, for college, and for the perfect image. You’re expected to have that perfect 4.0, be part of—maybe even lead—a club, play a sport, have a job to pay for college, eatbathecommutedohomework, and somehow squeeze it all into a 24 hour day.   ...

REVIEW: Accuracy is key

REVIEW: Accuracy is key

Estella Barrett, Staff Writer

April 9, 2019

The new film Green Book was a very influential story, Peter Farrelly really showed his serious side with this film. Farrelly is usually a comedian film director like some of his older films, ‘Dumb and Dumber’ and ‘Me Myself and Irene.’ The film won three Oscar awards, including best picture ...

The Monarch you could know

Just a few people and their experiences you could know.

Jamie Thompson, Nathan Phillips, Maddie Stilson, Lia Farrell, Estella Barret, Staff editor, Staff Writers

March 15, 2019

Life is only so long. We desire to connect with people throughout our lifetime but in reality, we only end up getting a sliver of who they really are. It would be nice to get the whole slice of a person, wouldn’t it? Looking out the window of a bullet train, you see a blur of color that by the end...

This is the ILC

This is the ILC

India Turner, Haley Breit, Ruby Cervantes and Jonah Speyer, Editor in Chief, Staff Editor

March 11, 2019

The ILC isn’t a place. The ILC is a bunch of places. The ILC is students coming together to serve coffee in the Student Center with smiles plastered across their faces. It’s Unified basketball tournaments. And it’s constant laughter, no matter what. The ILC is a safe haven in a school of 1800 students. The...

Ms.Gee… who is she?

Ms. Gee and her office.

Hahn Park, Staff Member

February 27, 2019

Being a teacher here in Monarch High, despite the low salary and troubles, is a very enjoyable career. One of Monarch High’s students, Hahn Park, interviewed Ms. Gee. She is one of the teachers here and an excellent resource for students with IEP’s and problems they can’t solve on their own. The...

Last-minute Valentine’s ideas

Last-minute Valentine's ideas

Amelia Krueger, Team Editor - The Pack

February 14, 2019

Valentine’s Day is today, and not everyone is completely prepared. Whether you're doing something fun with friends, having a date, or are just hanging out, Valentine's Day can be a fun excuse to eat too much chocolate and show someone how much they mean to you. However, some of you may not be prepared...

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