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Water is Life. Water Protectors and Spiritual Leaders demonstrate outside the Governors Mansion in Bismarck, ND. Photo by Rob Wilson Photography

Water is Life

Levi Wood, Opinions Editor February 28, 2017

Peering past the the wispy white tear gas engulfing a mass of shadowy figures, native elders and water protectors, fighting for clean water stand, burning sage and beating drums that resonate the chest...

The Staff November 8, 2016

5:39 PM -- The Howler staff is locked down in L205 ready for the 2016 Presidental Election

Captain Tory

Sophia Bergman, Guest Writer October 16, 2016

The car speeds down the highway. Pouring rain beats against the windows. A little boy sits quietly in the back seat. Suddenly, the car's tires skid on the slick pavement and it spins out of control, heading...

What is Senate?

What is Senate?

Mikayla Dudek, Web Editor in Chief September 20, 2016

Senate is a club at Monarch High School that focuses on leaving a legacy at Monarch as well as making  senior year as memorable as possible. Students enter Senate as a Junior and by doing so, commit to...

Annabeth Meaney

Annabeth Meaney

Sali Castro, Features Editor September 12, 2016

For some people, art is just a hobby or something they like to do in their spare time. For others, art is their life. Annabeth Meaney is one of these people. For as long as she can remember, she has loved...

Grill Club Secretary, Greg Hibl, sits with his head low after discovering the Grill club had been suspended. The senior was planning to grill for the lunch period.

Fire Up the Grill

Mikayla Dudek, Web Editor in Chief September 9, 2016

After a brief suspension after playing explicit music last week, Grill Club will be making more appearances in the future. During second lunch on Friday, September 2, it was brought to administration’s...

Maddy Wegen

Maddy Wegen

Andrew Patra, Howler Editor in Chief September 5, 2016

Some people are scared of getting a tattoo, some are afraid of fighting. Senior Maddy Wegen isn't afraid of either. She regularly trains in UFC and is the proud owner of two tattoos. But it’s gotta come...

360 Orientation

Kevin Wu, Multimedia Editor September 2, 2016

As you walked through the front doors of Monarch High School for the very first time, what were you thinking or feeling? Were you feeling a bit apprehensive, maybe? Or were you just excited at the fact...

This is my go to outfit for anything. I didnt plan my outfit? Im gonna wear my Get To shirt and Lulu shorts. - Senior Emily Jacobs

The Lazy Girl’s Uniform

Rachael Jacobs, Features Editor August 29, 2016

High school girls are probably some of the most stressed out people in the world. We have so many things we have to handle: school, work, sports, a social life, and for a lot of us, looking adorable while...

Jack Garratt’s Phase – Album Review

Andrew Patra, Howler Editor in Chief February 22, 2016

Winning the BRIT’s Critics’ Choice Award, Jack Garratt has dropped his debut album Phase, stemming from an already established sound off of two previous EPs and various singles. As if a strange mix...

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