Coyote Tales Episode 1: Young Music Producers

Coyote Tales Episode 1: Young Music Producers
April 29, 2014

Staff Reporter Tyler Lund sat down with senior Bryce Slavick and junior Noah Leuthaeuser to discuss their continuing passions in producing electronic music. Sit down. Tune in. Enjoy.

A Bloody Affair: Lunar Eclipse

The moon pcitured at 1:30 a.m on the morning of April 15th, 2014.
April 15, 2014

Throughout the early morning hours of April, 15th 2014 the shadow of the earth crept across the face of the chalk-white moon. As the earth’s shadow spread a dark blanket on the surface of the moon only...

Baseball Essentials: Jason Jacobs

Baseball Essentials: Jason Jacobs
April 10, 2014

Junior OF Jason Jacobs admits that baseball is "all about the gear," but says that there's one sport that is more about the gear- "cycling, because they use actual gears, so it's 100 percent gear oriented."...

PHOTOS: Girls Soccer vs. Fairview

The girls soccer squad huddles up before taking the field for second half action against Fairview on April 4, 2014 at Monarch High School.
April 4, 2014

One moment. That's what it comes down to often times in sports. That was the case Friday night at Monarch High School when Fairview senior striker Reci Smith sailed a free kick into the bottom right corner...

The Forum: A New Hope

Senior Gabe Austin and sophomore Alec Enroth delve into their studies in the Forum on April 4th, 2014. The Forum is located at the end of the counseling hallway below the library and is open to all Monarch students.
April 4, 2014

Well, it’s not really new, in fact it has existed for numerous years now, but The Forum  may present you hope if you’re looking for help in any subject during school hours and even until 4pm after...

PHOTOS: I.L.C Coyote Cookies

PHOTOS: I.L.C Coyote Cookies
March 20, 2014

Students in the I.L.C program have started a program to bake cookies for sale around the school. Photos are from a baking session on Friday, March 14th. The students have organized one sale thus far that...

Lingo of the South

Tyler DeBord shares some southern jargon to expand the vocabulary of the average Coloradan.
March 10, 2014

Living in Colorado we rarely get a flavor for the lingo and jargon that is used in other parts of the country. Our very own Tyler DeBord moved from Georgia, where he was born and raised, to Colorado in...

College Update: Part Four-The Final Chapter

Part 4 the final chapter
Final installation in our 'College Update' series from 'someone who is done with everything'
March 10, 2014

For many students the college process is complete and they are already parading around in the colors of what will become their alma mater. Here are some final thoughts and suggestions, from those who survived,...

Making Sense of the Madness

Louisville Cardinals head coach Rick Pitino celebrates with his team after defeating Michigan, 82-76, and winning the NCAA Men's Basketball Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia, Monday, April 8, 2013.
With conference tournaments starting and the annual 'March Madness' looming The Howler helps you understand the national craze.
March 10, 2014

The deafening roar of the crowds, the last second buzzer-beating baskets, the rush of emotions after winning, and the devastation after losing. For avid basketball fans, these are all commonplace occurrences...

Study Accentuates Power of the Fan

Students cheer at the 2012 state championship football game. The fans certainly helped the Monarch football team, who won 17-14. (Charlie Light)
New study finds that sports fans actually have a huge impact on the outcome of sporting events.
March 10, 2014

A new study released by Bullings Shatford Institute for Advanced Social Sciences this past Tuesday has cemented the fact that fans have an actual outcome on professional athlete’s performance. The study...

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