Club Mo Returns

Here’s the 411 on MOHI’s newest old dance


Ruby Cervantes and Lincoln Roch, Staff Writers

Monarch High School students are getting a new activity. Or is it an old one? The informal dance Club Mo will be returning Friday, Oct. 26 from 8:00-11:00 P.M. Students are encouraged to dress up in costumes for Halloween and tickets are $5 at the door. We talked to student council sponsor Mr. Tony Tolbert to give you the lowdown on Club Mo.

What is Club Mo?

Club Mo is a school dance but without all the dresses and the fancy getting ready.  Advertised as a “come as you are” school gathering and a safe place for students to have a good time on a Friday night, there will be dancing games and lots of fun.

“You don’t have to ask anybody out, dress up, or have any of that pressure,” Mr. Tolbert said. “You can just show up with your friends, dance, and have a good time.”


Why was Club Mo shut down?

According to students of previous years, Club Mo slowly evolved into an all-school “nightclub.”  Students were grinding, dressing provocatively, and showing up under the influence.

Additionally, “There wasn’t enough teacher participation, because the teachers weren’t happy with how the students were dancing on the floor,” Mr. Tolbert said.  All of these factors led to the shutdown.


Why is Monarch bringing Club Mo back?

This year, student council brought the idea to administration mentioning the fact that students from the previous years of Club Mo have since graduated and left the school. They supported their idea with the fact that students have acted responsibly at school events.

Tailgating was a huge success after the current head boy Connor Moore and head girl Lainey Dupee proposed to bring it back after it was banned last year.

Similarly, they proposed the idea to administration and they were confident that they could create a better environment than the previous years of Club Mo.

“Student Council created a Club Mo that students can have fun at but teachers would be willing to participate at,” Tolbert said.


What is there to do?

It’s meant to be a more “club-like” atmosphere. Instead of feeling obligated to dress up and get ready and ask someone out, you can show up in costumes or just normal clothes that you feel comfortable wearing.

You can dance, eat food, play games, and have a more comfortable and relaxed time.

“The main point of Club Mo is to come dance,” Mr. Tolbert said. “But there will also be fun games and activities up front, like a photo booth.”


How often will it be around?

Mr. Tolbert said this has yet to be determined. “It depends on the participation for this first one. Stuco is looking at trying to have one second semester around Saint Patrick’s day or something around then,” he said.