Brian Beamer uses his unique brand of humor to connect with his students.

Just joking

Mr. Beamer cracks us up
Minh Anh Le, Team Editor December 19, 2021

Here are a few of math teacher Brian Beamer's best jokes. Prepare yourself. How many math teachers does it take to screw in a light bulb? None, they assign it as homework. How many Monarch graduates...

Olivia Harston ‘22 enjoys watching a movie. They helped AASIA get back on it’s feet and connect students at Monarch.

The Minority Myth

Students look to reshape perceptions of minorities
Maeby Aleo, Layla East, and Zoey Perrine December 13, 2021

The swift movement of short, dark hair glides through the hallway past a sea of faces. Olivia Harston ‘22 is part of the crowded halls at Monarch High School. Yet in a high school that is predominately...

Paranormal Activities - Princess loving poltergeist

Paranormal Activities – Princess loving poltergeist

Ghost loves Netflix at Lillian Vaughn's house
Arianna Bergman, Zoey Perrine, and Brenna Severson December 7, 2021

It was three o’clock in the morning at a typical sleepover. For Lillian Vaughn ‘25 and her friends, that meant it was time to break out the Ouija board. “I saw a white shadow go across the ceiling,”...

Paranormal Encounters - Empathizing with apparitions

Paranormal Encounters – Empathizing with apparitions

Heather Joy's encounters spirits in her house
Arianna Bergman, Brenna Severson, and Kate Muldoon December 1, 2021

Although it may seem impossible, an ice cold hand clinging to her neck, or a glimpse of an eerie little girl sitting patiently by her bed were realities for Heather Joy ‘23 growing up. She believes...

The MoHi Grillionaires prepare a feast for the student body at lunch on Oct. 8.

Hungry for the school spirit

Grill Club executives strengthen sense of community
David Maxwell, Staff Member November 22, 2021

Sizzling burgers and a loud, swarming crowd surround the rundown gas grill on a sweaty Friday outside B Hall. The members of Grill Club are hard at work getting each burger ready, but are working even...

Jessy Funk ‘22 reminisces about her middle school days. She used to be a disorganized middle schooler, but in high school, she made a change.

She’s all that

8 clubs 6 leadership roles 16 college applications 1 Jessy Funk, ready for the challenge
Minh Anh Le , Josie Furst, and David Maxwell November 4, 2021

For Jessy Funk ‘22, middle school was grim. “I felt….bored in middle school,” Funk said. She was underwhelmed because she felt there wasn’t a place for her interests at her middle school, Monarch...

Spooks and sweets quiz

Spooks and sweets quiz

What Halloween movie should you watch based on the treats you pick?
Maeby Aleo, Team Editor October 28, 2021

Pick a chocolate candy: KitKat Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Snickers Milky Way   Pick a sour candy: SweeTarts Sour Skittles WarHeads Sour Patch Kids   Pick...

Miseria: a mystery

The first chapter of our ongoing short story
Layla East and Josie Furst October 25, 2021

A piece of paper flutters out of my locker and lands at my feet. My face twists in confusion as I grab it and examine it. It simply reads, “Hello.” Such a common greeting feels ominous. The lack of...

Emilia Kasinec, the kitchen satellite lead, serves breakfast to students on April 5.

A serving of love

Cafeteria Lead does more than just cook food
Rhys Cadwallader, Staff Member April 9, 2021

Clatter streams throughout the cafeteria. Around a hundred voices with gossip, jokes, and stories floating around, and a line of hungry students. Behind the glass at the front of the lunch line, Emilia...

Its got a ring to it

It’s got a ring to it

How one student turned boredom into business
Ryleigh Selby, Staff Member February 3, 2021

Daniella Chantra ‘23 turned a simple hobby into a money-making opportunity this past summer by creating her own jewelry business. “I started making rings because my mom gave me the idea of making...

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