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Michael Kugler acts as Planeview High School’s principal in Monarch’s newest sitcom. Film 2 has produced several episodes and showcases them on every other Friday.

Planely passionate

Ben Lehman April 30, 2024

A school is a pretty boring setting to most high school students, but in the eyes of a filmmaker, it’s a gold mine of opportunity. The students and teacher of the Video and Film 2 class decided to...

Swastikas were drawn into the woodchips of the playground at Lafayette Elementary School on April 1 by several students, according to Boulder Valley School District officials.

One person’s story

Zoey Perrine April 12, 2024

This is where you belong. Auschwitz. This is what Ruby Stein ‘26 was told by one of their peers on March 1 of this year. This is not a commentary on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This is not...

Bea Lighthiser ‘24 and Jack Bedard ‘25 pose for a picture with their hot lunches. The trays contain not only a main entree, but also many of the sides that the hot lunch offers. This food will soon be reviewed on @mohi_munchies.

Mohi munchin’

Ben Lehman April 1, 2024

It’s a Tuesday in the cafeteria during 2nd lunch, and Jack Bedard ‘25 and Bea Lighthiser ‘24 rush to get their hot lunch before the line arrives. Students surrounding them look at them expectantly,...

Greeting Greta

Maren Holecek March 30, 2024

If you’ve ever had a really bad day at school, then you know that the best part of that day can be going home to a good, long cuddle with your pet. But what if you didn’t have to wait until four o’clock...

A group of students at Monarch PK-8 gather during recess, chanting “sacrifice” and “Hail Satan.” Seventh grader Emily Frost filmed as the unusual events unfolded. Little did she know that later, when the video was posted online, it would receive significant attention.

Devil on the blacktop

When Monarch PK-8 seventh grader Emily Frost joined her friends at recess, the last thing she expected to hear was a crowd of her peers chanting “Satan.” However, as she walked onto the blacktop on...

Keirra Kernan ‘24, ASL Honor Society Co-President

Girl Boss

Elementary school girls used to chant “Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider” whenever a boy claimed superiority at something That was years ago. Today, the underlying message of the quote still...

Off limits

Rachel Larsen March 8, 2024

The high school experience is fresh and foreign for underclassmen in grades nine and ten. High school comes with new independence. This new independence contributes partially to students’ desire to leave...

Snow day steps

Rachel Larsen February 19, 2024

It’s a school night in the middle of winter. The house is dark from a combination of dark clouds and falling snow. There is nothing better than the thought of staying home from school tomorrow, cuddled...

Standing in front of the DECA Spirit Box, Izabella Duckworth ‘25 awaits the reopening of the spirit wear vending machine. Scanning the different items in the machine, she sees  daily essentials and fun clothing items.

Spirit in a box

Dillon Lewis January 25, 2024

A vending machine that only holds a gold skirt wrapped in plastic and a phone charger sits idle in a dark corner. Before the pandemic, it was filled with gold spirit wear and beads that students could...

Pride to protect

Music blasted from the party bus speakers as a group of juniors made their way to their school’s Homecoming dance. The year was 2018. What may have once seemed like an exciting night for the students...

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