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Playing through the pain

Playing through the pain

Maeby Aleo and Brianna Sandoval May 11, 2023

Every athlete has one worst nightmare: a season-ending injury. The sprain of an ankle. The break of an arm. The tear of an ACL. According to P.E. teacher Alex Esposito, younger athletes are more prone...

Catherine Campbell ‘25 works hard at track practice. She placed third in the 300 meter hurdles at her race that weekend.

Right on track

Maren Holecek and Maya VanVleet May 10, 2023

Hurdles Catherine Campbell ‘25 leaps over a hurdle at full speed, spikes catching as she lands and times her steps for the next hurdle. Only a sophomore, Campbell already has ambitious plans for...

Flynn Leonard ‘25 takes his helmet off to cool down at halftime against Cherokee Trail. He scored three goals and had two assists during the game.

Sticking out

Abbey Elalouf April 25, 2023

It all started for Flynn Leonard ‘25 at the age of six. With a Maverick Kinetic lacrosse stick in hand, 6-year-old Leonard faced fourth graders. Despite his size, Leonard had the skill and talent to...

Flexing on failure

Flexing on failure

Arianna Bergman March 25, 2023

The gym can seem daunting to women. Weight rooms are commonly filled with muscular men lifting heavy weights. Sweat. Anger. Testosterone. Such a dank environment causes many women to hesitate to enter...

Its Called Football

It’s Called Football

Zach Mirviss and Alex Randle March 23, 2023

In 1983, Keith Mainland, a competitive soccer player at Georgia State University, walked off of the soccer field with his head held high. While he didn’t win, he felt like a champion. Over two years,...

Jason Brotski 24 fights for the puck in a game against Valor Christian. He and the team had a successful season this year.

Pucking Up The Slack

Abbey Elalouf and Ben Lehman March 13, 2023

It’s game day. Rap or hip-hop blasts in the locker room as the Monarch hockey team kicks a soccer ball back and forth to get loose. While most of the team is getting hyped for the upcoming game, Connor...

Caroline Walley 23 scores on a layup. Girls basketball earned the No. 4 seed in State playoffs.

Play Like a Girl

Abbey Elalouf and Brianna Sandoval March 9, 2023

Standing in front of the net, ready to score her 1000th point, Natalie Guanella ‘23 took a deep breath before shooting the free throw that would change her basketball career forever. The varsity girls’...

Mj Macias 23 preforms a front dive at swim practice. After moving from Mexico, she now dives for monarch

Into deeper waters

Maeby Aleo February 1, 2023

A young girl, no more than eight years old, stood 33 feet above glittering blue water, her knees wobbling as she looked down. MJ Macias ‘23 had been waiting for this moment for almost four years. When...

Ghost Boxing

Ghost Boxing

Sofia Blair January 24, 2023

Ghost Whitehall jumps up and down, dripping sweat. Pulled into the middle of the ring to face their opponent, and with one look and a smirk from Whitehall, the match begins. When quarantine began in...

Basketball coach Sean Duncan leads after-school practice. This is his first year coaching basketball ever.

Dunking on Duncan

Abbey Elalouf and Ben Lehman January 16, 2023

Growing up, Sean Duncan’s neighbors said he would be the next Michael Jordan. But the truth is, he was never great at basketball. “I’ve loved basketball since I was a little kid,” Duncan said....

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