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Annette Bank gets ready to perform a high jump at an international track meet in the 1970s. After a long career that included several Olympic competitions, Bank now coaches Monarch athletes.

Jumping into the past

Zoey Perrine and Maren Holecek April 13, 2024

A nine-year-old girl in Sweden at her first track meet. A young boy in Los Angeles, California. They had no idea that in 1984 they would both be competing at the Olympics. Or that in 2024, they would both...

Figure skater Lilah Gibson ‘24 performs her routine at a competition. She recently returned to the ice from an injury.

Ready for the rink

Teodora Blizanac April 7, 2024

The music starts. Lilah Gibson ‘24 takes a deep breath and begins to skate. The familiar melody of “Lift Me Up” by Rihanna plays over the speakers as her skates slash across the ice. She moves like...

OPINION: Dropping the ball

OPINION: Dropping the ball

Dillon Lewis March 28, 2024

Last season, Colorado’s baseball team finished with a record of 59-103. Their worst finish in club history. And the fourth consecutive year that they’ve had a losing record. Colorado sports in general...

Did you get that?

Did you get that?

In the midst of the madness that was the Homecoming Game on Sept. 8, Tom DeSando ran up and down the sideline, snapping shots of each and every play. After every catch, throw, and run, the players ran...

Peak pursuits

Abbey Elalouf, Ben Lehman, and Maya VanVleet January 6, 2024

A club founded and created by the students, for the students, seems chaotic to some, but it is quite the opposite. Co-founders Christian Fuicelli ‘25, Evan Moynihan ‘25, and Drew Smith ‘25 gave life...

Scott Culver celebrates his goal against Centaurus in the Unified Soccer tournament, winning the game.

The power of inclusion

They do it for the smile. Pure genuine happiness, something so alien in day-to-day high school life. It’s what makes an educator’s job so different from the others. Coach Devin “Gonzo”...

Two frisbee teammates high-five each other in celebration of a good play. The team works together to execute well what they work on in practice.

Ultimately, frisbee

Maren Holecek and Maya VanVleet December 5, 2023

The Ultimate Frisbee community at Monarch is one that has always stood out. Although it’s not talked about as much as soccer and doesn’t get the same crowd as football, its unique rules and the valuable...

Flynn Leonard ‘25 runs with his lacrosse stick, looking for an open teammate. His team hasn’t lost a game in three years.

Commit for life

September 1, 2023. The day it was all for. The day it would all finally pay off. When Flynn Leonard ‘25 was five years old, his dad, Mike Leonard, gave him a lacrosse stick, hoping to pass down his love of the sport. Lacrosse would later become Leonard’s whole life. “From his very early days, Flynn always had a lacrosse stick in his hand, just playing as a little boy,” Mike said. Having played in college, Mike coached Leonard from third to eighth grade. That was when Leonard’s talent really started to take off.
Owen Mellish ‘24 ( #2)  runs onto the football field alongside his teammates at the first home game of the 2023-24 year.

Scouting 101

Abbey Elalouf and Maren Holecek October 16, 2023

Every day Owen Mellish ‘24 pushes towards greatness, and works towards his goal of playing college football. The hard work is finally paying off as he is looked at by multiple scouts.  Mellish is...

Balancing victories

Balancing victories

Zoey Perrine October 10, 2023

Four days a week, Monday through Thursday, three hours a day, 12 hours a week, the Broomfield district gymnastics team is putting in hard, diligent, dedicated work. The last two years in a row the team...

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