OPINION: Where the gay characters in children’s shows?

Layla East, Staff Member | January 13, 2021

Children’s shows are the building blocks of a kid’s view of the world around them. Parents trust that the shows their children watch teach them how to share, care for one another, and show them right from wrong. But a massive gaping hole in children’s shows is representation, especially when it comes to the LGBTQ+ community. Getting even the smallest amount of representation presents challenges....

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Layla East, Staff Member | December 9, 2020

Walking down the hallway the school’s social worker, Michael Davidoff, sees students clumped together leaning against their lockers talking about recent drama, homework, and their plans for the weekend. He hears a student jokingly say; ¨Oh my god! I’m so OCD! I guess that’s just what makes me quirky.¨ As a mental health professional, he knows just how serious mental disorders are and has...

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