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OPINION: Let The Smoke Clear

BVSD must rethink how quickly students return to classes
Ryleigh Selby, Staff Member January 2, 2022

“BVSD schools to reopen Wednesday, following Marshall Fires.” An email with this subject line hit the inbox of every BVSD family at 5:00 P.M. on Sunday. Just three days after Louisville and Superior...

OPNION: Red flags waving high

OPNION: Red flags waving high

Romance movies normalize abusive behavior, leave negative impact on viewers
Layla East, Team Editor December 26, 2021

Romance movies. Cheesy one liners. Questionable love interests. For years, I’ve never seen the appeal of them. Instead, I’ve found them downright damaging. Many of these movies portray abusive behavior...

OPINION: Why Im not vaxxed

OPINION: Why I’m not vaxxed

Josie Furst, Staff Member December 22, 2021

OPINION: The painful life  of a  procrastinating  perfectionist

OPINION: The painful life of a procrastinating perfectionist

Good enough can still be adequate
Kate Muldoon, Editor-in-Chief December 16, 2021

Upon sitting down to write this, I can’t take my eyes off of the twelve tabs across the top of my computer screen. I can feel their judgement sinking into my soul. Why don’t I revise my essay for English...

Unpopular opinions - Pizza doesnt deserve the hype

Unpopular opinions – Pizza doesn’t deserve the hype

Zoey Perrine, Staff Member December 10, 2021

Pizza just isn’t good. People make it out to be the best food ever, but it’s gross. Cheese in general is bad. Everyone has loved pizza since the day they were born, but it’s disgusting. Sure,...

Unpopular opinions - Takis are gross

Unpopular opinions – Takis are gross

Brenna Severson, Staff Member December 4, 2021

Takis are not good. I know a lot of people live for their Takis, but they’re just too chemical-filled and synthetic for my soul to handle. It’s as if you always need a glass of milk right next to...

Unpopular opinions: Where is your sense of fashion?

Unpopular opinions: Where is your sense of fashion?

David Maxwell, Staff Member November 28, 2021

Monarch has no sense of fashion. No one is ready for the runway. We just went through COVID, so I should be gentler on this one, but when I look around the halls during a passing period, it looks like...

Unpopular opinions - Dont be a minimalist

Unpopular opinions – Don’t be a minimalist

Layla East, Team Editor November 19, 2021

Minimalism isn’t cute. If I don’t see trinkets and old soda cans used as decoration the second I enter someone’s bedroom, I’m leaving. I’m sick of seeing rooms with absolutely nothing on...

Unpopular opinions - Qdoba dominates Chipotle

Unpopular opinions – Qdoba dominates Chipotle

Arianna Bergman, Staff Member November 10, 2021

Qdoba is better than Chipotle. Chipotle is overrated—I don’t understand why everyone’s so obsessed. Qdoba’s cuisine is always warm, and the gooey cheese melts perfectly in your mouth. They...

Unpopular opinions – Harry Styles sucks

Maeby Aleo, Team Editor November 1, 2021

One Direction is way better than Harry Styles’ solo career. I know I’m going to get a lot of hate for this one. I just straight up don’t like Harry’s music. After his recent concert in Denver,...

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