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Same team, same side

Same team, same side

Mille Barber December 2, 2023

I am the loudest person you will ever meet. It’s the first thing you’ll know about me. Don’t stand in front of me at football games because your ears will hurt. I yelled and screamed at the first...

Who’s the best athlete? Muhammed Ali

Who’s the best athlete? Muhammed Ali

Dillon Lewis, Staff Writer November 14, 2023

Muhammad Ali is the greatest athlete of all time for multiple reasons. His boxing skills were extraordinary, and he had lightning-fast footwork, remarkable speed, and great agility. He moved around in...

What’s your canon event? Minecraft PVP

Mars Smith October 20, 2023

From the period of 2017-2020, I participated in something that would change the course of my life forever. I spent hours a day playing Minecraft PVP. My friends and I would all boot up Minecraft, join...

What’s your canon event? Snapchat filters

Brianna Sandoval October 19, 2023

My canon event was my filter phase in middle school. I got Snapchat in 2018 and at first, it was amazing, just having it was the best thing ever. But after I got it, I had no one to snap, I never got anyone’s...

What’s your canon event? TikTok Dances

Abbey Elalouf October 18, 2023

During COVID, I downloaded TikTok like every other middle schooler to give me something to do while I had all that free time. Keep in mind that I’m a strange sixth-grader who thinks she can dance (but...

What’s your canon event? Brown hair

Ben Lehman October 17, 2023

I’m quite certain that most people made questionable decisions during the pandemic in the year of 2020. I’m also sure that some of those questionable decisions may have involved dying their hair a...

What’s your canon event? Capri leggings

Maya VanVleet October 11, 2023

The year 2013 was inspiring for my six-year-old self. First grade was an important year because it demonstrated my most canon era of outfit styling, the most iconic being the patterned, capri leggings...

What’s your canon event? Jojo bows

Brenna Severson October 9, 2023

This is probably the most shameful thing I have ever been a part of. An era I try my hardest to forget. My bow era. At some point during third grade, I became obsessed with the Jojo Siwa bow. NO Jojo Siwa,...

What’s your cannon event? Kinder hairdresser

Zoey Perrine October 7, 2023

I had my fair share of awful haircuts growing up. However, my cannon event was not about the haircut I ended up with, but how I got it. One night, just before starting Kindergarten, I was fresh out...

OPINION: Bring back towels

OPINION: Bring back towels

Clay Mustoe June 12, 2023

It’s a passing period on a slow Monday, and you gamble on using the restroom hoping on the off chance you’ll be able to make it to class on time. Only, after you step out, does the realization hit...

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