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Soccer player Emma Fassora ‘25 gets her ankle taped by the athletic trainer before a game. The tape helped keep her ankle supported for the match.

Playing through the pain

Maeby Aleo and Brianna Sandoval July 7, 2023

Every athlete has one worst nightmare: a season-ending injury. The sprain of an ankle. The break of an arm. The tear of an ACL. According to P.E. teacher Alex Esposito, younger athletes are more prone...

OPINION: Whats your Caliber

OPINION: What’s your Caliber

Alex Randle June 9, 2023

I come from Jacksonville, Fla, a place where people will break into your car in the middle of the day, I have seen things like this firsthand. I have seen a man tried to pick the lock off my front door. Late...

OPINION: Breaking the bank

OPINION: Breaking the bank

Maeby Aleo May 16, 2023

Every other Friday, I anxiously check my FirstBank mobile app for the bright green numbers displaying the mass amount of money I earned working at my minimum wage job over the last two weeks. We all...

Catherine Campbell ‘25 works hard at track practice. She placed third in the 300 meter hurdles at her race that weekend.

Right on track

Maren Holecek and Maya VanVleet May 10, 2023

Hurdles Catherine Campbell ‘25 leaps over a hurdle at full speed, spikes catching as she lands and times her steps for the next hurdle. Only a sophomore, Campbell already has ambitious plans for...

EMT vehicles and police stand outside Boulder High School on Feb. 22. Police were called to the school with information that a person was entering the school with a gun. The call was a hoax called “swatting.”

A false threat | As real as it gets

Steam rose from Boulder High School Assistant Principal Scott Cawlfield’s coffee mug as he leaned back in his office chair, peering out his office window into the snowy Wednesday morning. As Arapahoe...


As the use of artificial intelligence continues to expand in education, concerns have been raised about the abuse of ChatGPT as a cheating tool, with students increasingly relying on the sophisticated...

Flynn Leonard ‘25 takes his helmet off to cool down at halftime against Cherokee Trail. He scored three goals and had two assists during the game.

Sticking out

Abbey Elalouf April 25, 2023

It all started for Flynn Leonard ‘25 at the age of six. With a Maverick Kinetic lacrosse stick in hand, 6-year-old Leonard faced fourth graders. Despite his size, Leonard had the skill and talent to...

OPINION: Highs & Lows

OPINION: Highs & Lows

Josh Huyg April 4, 2023

There’s not much that I remember about the day I was diagnosed with a genetic disease. Screaming, crying, anger -- I was only five years old when I was told my life would never be the same as my peers,...

On a high note

On a high note

Alex Randle March 31, 2023

At a mere 4 years old, choir teacher Kate Klotz started studying music. She didn’t want to be an international pop star like any other little kid. She wanted to be a choir teacher. “I got really...

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