Shes all that

She’s all that

8 clubs 6 leadership roles 16 college applications 1 Jessy Funk, ready for the challenge
Minh Anh Le , Josie Furst, and David Maxwell October 25, 2021

For Jessy Funk ‘22, middle school was grim. “I felt….bored in middle school,” Funk said. She was underwhelmed because she felt there wasn’t a place for her interests at her middle school, Monarch...

Emilia Kasinec, the kitchen satellite lead, serves breakfast to students on April 5.

A serving of love

Cafeteria Lead does more than just cook food
Rhys Cadwallader, Staff Member April 9, 2021

Clatter streams throughout the cafeteria. Around a hundred voices with gossip, jokes, and stories floating around, and a line of hungry students. Behind the glass at the front of the lunch line, Emilia...

Lily Wood 23 busses a table at the Waterloo in downtown Louisville

French Fries and COVID Constraints

Students struggle while working in restaurants
Maeby Aleo, Team Editor March 18, 2021

The roar of people drowns out the sound of country music and laughter at the Waterloo in downtown Louisville. Babies cry and patrons hoot and holler across the room. The smell of food is muffled through...

Sign up for KYOTs Film Contest

Sign up for KYOT’s Film Contest

February 3, 2021

Interested in registering for KYOT's Film Contest? CLICK HERE!

Its got a ring to it

It’s got a ring to it

How one student turned boredom into business
Ryleigh Selby, Staff Member February 3, 2021

Daniella Chantra ‘23 turned a simple hobby into a money-making opportunity this past summer by creating her own jewelry business. “I started making rings because my mom gave me the idea of making...

OPINION: I have no idea how I’m going to pay for college

OPINION: I have no idea how I’m going to pay for college

Congress must act to make college affordable
Ryleigh Selby, Staff Member February 1, 2021

Thirteen-year-old me had only one worry on her mind: braces. Having perfect teeth didn’t seem worth all the pulling and stretching and tugging, paired with the constant jokes about the cost. “At...

The digital divide

The digital divide

Teacher stays positive despite challenges of online learning
Evie Cuffaro, Editor-in-Chief January 27, 2021

It’s 8:30am, and the first bell rings. New digital art teacher Kelly Kotlinski sits in her classroom, alone. She stares at her computer screen, looking at student’s icons on a google meet. She doesn’t...

Monarch senior, Brae Cole, plays with her club on her home field in 2019

Kicking it with club sports

When high school sports don’t exist, student rely on their club teams
Carolyn Jewett and Amelia Krueger January 25, 2021

A whistle blows. The crowds around the soccer field chatter with excitement as the players watch the ball like hawks, as they sprint, dodge, and sweat to make a goal. Brae Cole ‘21, a athlete for...

OPINION: Where the gay characters in childrens shows?

OPINION: Where the gay characters in children’s shows?

Getting LGBTQ+ representation in kids shows is much more challenging than you’d think
Layla East, Team Editor January 13, 2021

Children’s shows are the building blocks of a kid’s view of the world around them. Parents trust that the shows their children watch teach them how to share, care for one another, and show them right...

Amanda Selby listens to the podcast The Two Princes

A podcast you can’t miss

The Two Princes is worth the listen
Layla East, Team Editor January 11, 2021

The Two Princes is a scripted fantasy podcast telling the story of Rupert and Amir’s journey to saving their homelands against their mothers’ wishes. They viewed each other as strictly acquaintances...

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