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New Resource closet for students proves useful
Student reaches into Jennifer Dixon’s new care closet. As word of the recourse closet spreads more and more, students have begun to utilize it.
Student reaches into Jennifer Dixon’s new care closet. As word of the recourse closet spreads more and more, students have begun to utilize it.

After the Marshall Fire in 2021, physical education teacher Jen Dixon knew students might not have access to food, hygiene products, and other necessities. This inspired her to create a space stocked with resources for everyone who would need it. She calls it the Care Closet.

“After seeing the community support after the Marshall fire, I knew there would be families out there that would help stock the Care Closet for those students in need,” Dixon said.

According to the Natural Hazards Center, over 30,000 residents were displaced by the fire. Knowing this, Dixon was motivated to do something to help Monarch students. However, the closet is open to everyone who needs it, not just fire victims.

“All students have access to the care closet,” Dixon said. Although everybody has access to the closet, students are only permitted to go inside when Dixon is in the room.

The closet is located in Dixon’s office. Her office is across the hall from the weight room, next to the locker rooms.

“I started the Care Closet last year to meet the needs of students who are in need of food or hygiene items,” Dixon said.

Students have begun to visit the closet regularly, and feel comfortable taking the things they need.

“The most helpful item in there, in my opinion, is most definitely the food. I play volleyball and sometimes I forget to bring food for after practice,” Catherine Schultz ‘27 said.

The closet holds granola bars, cup noodles, candy, and even gummies. It gives students who don’t have access to food at home, or who may have forgotten it, a solution.

“All the stuff in there is important, especially the feminine care.” Candace Howard ‘27 said.

Students, just like Howard and Schultz, have found the closet to be a necessary addition to the school community.

“I would say the hottest items, other than food, would be deodorant, chapsticks, brush and hair ties, and tampons,” Dixon said. “My favorite items are the mini sunscreens, travel size lotions and haircare, and nail clippers.”

Parents and guardians help with restocking the closet for students in need. Dixon is grateful to anybody who donates to the cause and helps students who utilize the closet. There are favorites in the closet that, because of their high demand, need to be restocked more often than others.”

Dixon’s closet is a resource for any and everyone, and as it has gained popularity, items need to be restocked more often. This has made donations even more beneficial than before.

“Everyone can come down to the care closet. I even have some staff members come down because they need an item,” Dixon said.

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