Adrian Schoeneshoefer

Adrian Schoeneshoefer, Staff Reporter

Adrian is from Germany. This is Adrian's first year on the newspaper staff.  Schoeneshoefer likes writing about news and political events. Schoeneshoefer ran for Monarch High School in Cross Country. Schoeneshoefer likes to ski and do archery. Schoeneshoefer used to be in a Chess Club and made the Hamburg Championship. When on the team that Schoeneshoefer ranked 21st from 1000 students.  Scheoeneshoefer have luckily been to 6 Continents and has visited a lot of different countries and cultures. Schoeneshoefer's father works for Lufthansa and has made it possible to travel a lot. Schoeneshoefer likes experiencing new things like paragliding and moonlight.

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Adrian Schoeneshoefer