Bonnie Katzive
Bonnie Katzive is in her third year as the adviser for The Howler and considers it one of the highlights of her career as a teacher.  Her additional teaching duties include electives and World Lit/Comp as well as sporadic bouts of Social Studies.  Because being a publications adviser had not yet eaten enough of her life, she is also the co-sponsor for the No Place for Hate club.

Katzive enjoys hiking around Colorado with her family, traveling to the seaside, and knitting hats for friends.  Katzive loves to read and wishes for more Harry Potter books.  She took up ukulele a few years ago and learned to play using online tutorials.  Just don’t ask her to attempt “Call Me Maybe.”

Bonnie Katzive, Adviser

Oct 06, 2013
No Place for Hate: A Place to Inspire to Change (Media)
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Bonnie Katzive