Cara Racenstein
Cara Racenstein, a sophomore at Monarch High School, is currently working her first year on the publications staff. She is one of the five section editors of MOHI Media and particularly oversees the opinions section in The Pack. She looks forward to telling the stories of noteworthy events and people, as well as becoming the “student voice” of Monarch. Outside of her participation in the newspaper, she enjoys hiking, volunteering (with children specifically), drawing, and performing. She also longs to know as much about the world as humanly possible, which is where her focus on studies and liking for reading come into play. Travel is something she expects will enter her life in the future, as she is highly intrigued by culture and history. Her biological twin brother appears to be and look nothing like her, yet they are remarkably close nevertheless.

Cara Racenstein, Section Editor

Mar 17, 2019
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Jan 09, 2019
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Cara Racenstein