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Freshman Sings In Top Choir

April 13, 2023

Of the many voices in Monarch’s choirs, that of Cooper Craze ‘26 holds great ambition.
After submitting his audition to Madrigals, the top choir at Monarch, Craze got a callback. He knew that he might not make it in, but he still tried his best and got accepted as one of the only two freshmen in Madrigals.
“I think it’s scary at first, but once I actually did it and I got in, my family congratulated me,” he said. “Now I feel really proud of myself.”
When Craze pursued his interest in Monarch’s top choir, he was nervous.
“It was nerve-wracking,” he said. “When I walked in for auditions, there were only three other freshmen.”
The first time Craze tried out for a choir was a year earlier, in eighth grade.
“I think the first day that I walked in there, I was really, really nervous,” he said. “But they accepted all the new kids in and you were welcome there.”
The ambition Craze found in the choir followed him through to high school, where he hoped for a future career in music.
“A singer-songwriter has become more of an option for me as a career,” he said. “Now that I’m focused on learning music and singing, I’m thinking of possibly being a musician when I grow up.”
For Craze, working hard to achieve his interests can be a challenge, so when he feels he needs to calm down, he uses his music to relax.
“Whenever I feel stressed or mad, I just go to my room and play guitar or piano or listen to music,” he said.
When Craze feels overwhelmed, his musical inspiration emerges.
“Music can share so much emotion,” he said. “It gets a message out and it’s just more powerful than talking.”
Craze also has an interest in writing songs, since it always begins with the words.
“Once you start the lyrics and understand where you want to go with them, it’s a lot easier to finish a song,” Craze said. “If you don’t know where you’re going to go with the song, then you’re not going to get anywhere.”

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