2019-2020 Staff

Staff MemberStaff Position
India TurnerMOHI Media Editor-in-ChiefSee India Turner's profile
See India Turner's profile
Haley BreitManaging Editor - The PackSee Haley Breit's profile
See Haley Breit's profile
Jordan JensenKYOT ProducerSee Jordan Jensen's profile
See Jordan Jensen's profile
Wyatt LilesKYOT ProducerSee Wyatt Liles's profile
See Wyatt Liles's profile
Madison SainKYOT ProducerSee Madison Sain's profile
See Madison Sain's profile
Lincoln RochKYOT ProducerSee Lincoln Roch's profile
See Lincoln Roch's profile
Evie CuffaroTeam Editor - The PackSee Evie Cuffaro's profile
See Evie Cuffaro's profile
Lia FarrellTeam Editor - The PackSee Lia Farrell's profile
See Lia Farrell's profile
Lindsay HaightTeam Editor - The PackSee Lindsay Haight's profile
See Lindsay Haight's profile
Amelia KruegerTeam Editor - The PackSee Amelia Krueger's profile
See Amelia Krueger's profile
Kate MuldoonSocial Media EditorSee Kate Muldoon's profile
See Kate Muldoon's profile
Ben McCorrisonSocial Media EditorSee Ben McCorrison's profile
See Ben McCorrison's profile
Ayden HarrisWebmasterSee Ayden Harris's profile
See Ayden Harris's profile
Kumud AroraStaff MemberSee Kumud Arora's profile
See Kumud Arora's profile
Emily BellStaff MemberSee Emily Bell's profile
See Emily Bell's profile
Carson BeneshStaff MemberSee Carson Benesh's profile
See Carson Benesh's profile
Jacqueline CampbellStaff MemberSee Jacqueline Campbell's profile
See Jacqueline Campbell's profile
Ruby CervantesStaff MemberSee Ruby Cervantes's profile
See Ruby Cervantes's profile
Jackson DeAndreaStaff MemberSee Jackson DeAndrea's profile
See Jackson DeAndrea's profile
Jack EwigStaff MemberSee Jack Ewig's profile
See Jack Ewig's profile
Beckett FranceStaff MemberSee Beckett France's profile
See Beckett France's profile
Max FredricksmeyerStaff MemberSee Max Fredricksmeyer's profile
See Max Fredricksmeyer's profile
Ethan HendricksStaff MemberSee Ethan Hendricks's profile
See Ethan Hendricks's profile
Kathrin HoustonStaff MemberSee Kathrin Houston's profile
See Kathrin Houston's profile
Ella KohuthStaff MemberSee Ella Kohuth's profile
See Ella Kohuth's profile
Logan LairStaff MemberSee Logan Lair's profile
See Logan Lair's profile
Minh Anh LeStaff MemberSee Minh Anh Le's profile
See Minh Anh Le's profile
Ashlyn MaesStaff MemberSee Ashlyn Maes's profile
See Ashlyn Maes's profile
Maya MatusStaff MemberSee Maya Matus's profile
See Maya Matus's profile
Celia McNultyStaff MemberSee Celia McNulty's profile
See Celia McNulty's profile
Alex NeumannStaff MemberSee Alex Neumann's profile
See Alex Neumann's profile
Brandon NimmonsStaff MemberSee Brandon Nimmons's profile
See Brandon Nimmons's profile
Connor NimmonsStaff MemberSee Connor Nimmons's profile
See Connor Nimmons's profile
Alaina OlbrichStaff MemberSee Alaina Olbrich's profile
See Alaina Olbrich's profile
Hahn ParkStaff MemberSee Hahn Park's profile
See Hahn Park's profile
Cameron ParkerStaff MemberSee Cameron Parker's profile
See Cameron Parker's profile
Maria RuscittoStaff MemberSee Maria Ruscitto's profile
See Maria Ruscitto's profile
Sam K. SalibaStaff MemberSee Sam K. Saliba's profile
See Sam K. Saliba's profile
Jonah SpeyerStaff MemberSee Jonah Speyer's profile
See Jonah Speyer's profile
Maggie WilkersonStaff MemberSee Maggie Wilkerson's profile
See Maggie Wilkerson's profile
Akasia ZamastilCartoonistSee Akasia Zamastil's profile
See Akasia Zamastil's profile
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