Dalton’s Cinema Spot- The Other Woman

Daltons Cinema Spot- The Other Woman

PG-13, 109 minutes

Starring- Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann, Kate Upton

1.5/ 5 Stars

          And here in celluloid form is the death of feminism. The Other Woman centers on Carly (Diaz) who has the perfect relationship with her new beau (Game of Throne’s Nikola Coster-Waldau), until Carly finds out that he is married to Kate (Mann). The two become best friends and then find that he is cheating on both of them with a far younger woman (Upton). The three girls’ then band together to take him down, one “comic” step at a time.

I feel after so many critical flops, Cameron Diaz should strongly consider firing her agent. To put that into perspective, the last film Diaz was in that was ranked “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes (meaning that 60% or more film critics gave it positive reviews), was for In Her Shoes, released nine years ago. Not only does Diaz deliver a wooden and banal performance that would make any one invested in acting cringe, but she probably does some of the finest acting in the film, alongside Nicki Minaj. (You know the film is awful when Nicki Minaj delivers some of the best acting in it).

Mann, who largely I find to be an enjoyable actress, is completely over the top and unrelentingly irritating and is one of the most unintentionally annoying characters in a movie I’ve seen in years. Meanwhile Upton should really stick to her day job of modeling as she’s about as good of an actress as a sheet of paper. With atrocious acting and characters that act in no way what any rational minded person would act like, surely the script or direction should at least be a smidge better? Nope! The jokes all are forced and flat and the third act resolves to melodramatic, bloody slapstick comedy laced with fart jokes that are reminiscent to recent Adam Sandler films.

The only saving grace that this film has is the few chuckles that it brings, and 99% of those chuckles were found in the trailer for the movie. With acting that stings the eyes to watch, woman behaving in ways that is overly sexist and nearly disturbing on their compulsive need to be with a man, jokes that a four year old would have thought of, and such uneasy pacing I felt I was watching a 3 hour movie, The Other Woman is simply one god awful mess of a chick-flick. Prepare to see it at the Razzie Awards.