Senior Checklist

Everything to do before graduation

As many of you know, this is the seniors’ last week, and it isn’t exactly typical. With the last week comes many traditions, fun activities, and stress. There are many things that need to get done before seniors can graduate, including:

  • Signing yearbooks
    • Everyone has their friends write one last thing in their book, so they can look back and remember their friendship.
  • Getting checkout forms and filling out the naviance survey
    • On Monday morning seniors finish up any last minute forms that are due and grab all forms needed for the rest of the week so they can graduate.
  • Finals
    • Our last finals ever in high school! We have a block schedule, and Tuesday acts as a Thursday schedule. Wednesday is a normal Wednesday block schedule. Seniors take their finals during these block periods.
  • Throwing papers after the last final
    • After the last final on Wednesday, it’s tradition for all seniors to leave their classes and throw their papers in the air to celebrate the end of their last high school finals.
  • Awards night
    • Seniors who were invited to the awards night can attend to get academic awards and cords.
  • Senior checkout
    • On Thursday morning, seniors return to school to turn in their check out forms and get their caps and gowns so they can walk at graduation.
  • Senior prank
    • Traditionally seniors organize a prank as a class in the last week before they graduate to make their mark and ensure they’re not forgotten after they leave.
  • Decorating cap and down
    • Everyone decorates their graduation caps before the ceremony. Some people put their university logo on it while others draw on memes, jokes, or various other decorations.
  • Graduation practice
    • Friday morning seniors show up at the school and go over what actually happens at graduation.
  • Senior gauntlet
    • After graduation practice, the whole school gathers for an assembly in the gym. Senior items, such as the barrel and the hat, get passed down to the juniors. There is also a senior slideshow with pictures of all the seniors. As the seniors leave, they say goodbye to the teachers they had throughout their high school years.
  • Senior BBQ
    • After the senior gauntlet, the seniors go to the barbecue where they sign each other’s yearbooks and hang out for one last time before graduation.
  • Graduation
    • For the ceremony, everyone shows up in their caps and gowns to get their diplomas. Then they’re officially done!