Paranormal Encounters – Empathizing with apparitions

Heather Joy’s encounters spirits in her house

Although it may seem impossible, an ice cold hand clinging to her neck, or a glimpse of an eerie little girl sitting patiently by her bed were realities for Heather Joy ‘23 growing up.
She believes spirits talk to her with the hope that she can help them. Or maybe they just need someone to understand.
“Ever since I was a little kid, I’ve always been extremely sensitive to energies and people’s emotions,” Joy said. “I actually don’t have a psychic because I literally am a psychic.”
When she was young, Joy could typically find comfort by going to her mom’s room if she was experiencing something potentially paranormal. Yet one night, her mom’s room failed to calm her.
“I felt like something wasn’t right,” Joy said. “I could feel something in my mom’s bathroom.”
She lay paralyzed in the bed across from the bathroom, eyes wide open. Even though the room was pitch black, she knew something was there.
“I saw this man standing in the corner of the room with a top hat, and I saw someone strangling him,” she said. “Then I felt hands around my throat, like someone was strangling me, and I couldn’t breathe.”
Joy freaked out.
“I couldn’t move, couldn’t scream, couldn’t talk,” she said.
Joy believes the man was trying to give her a message.
“I felt like he was trying to communicate what had happened to him to me,” she said. “He was trying to make me understand because I definitely saw him getting strangled by someone.”
The feeling of being strangled is haunting, mentally and physically, even to someone, like Joy, who is familiar with paranormal experiences. “It made me feel terrified,” Joy said.
Is it possible the paranormal are trying to convey a message? Or are the interactions some experience supposed to be humorous and entertaining?
Either way, it’s obvious the paranormal have something to express, and it’s up to each individual to choose how they perceive it.
“You see it out of the corner of your eye,” Joy said. “And then you look back and it’s gone.”