Let it snow: Our winter quiz

Pick your favorite winter things and find out what to do on a snow day


Pick a winter drink:
A. Hot cocoa
B. Apple cider

C. Hot tea
D. Peppermint mocha


Pick a binge-worthy TV show:
A. The Office
B. The Vampire Diaries

C. Gilmore Girls
D. Friends

Pick a comfort food for dinner:
A. Soup
B. Pot roast

C. Lasagna
D. Mac and cheese


Pick an indoor activity for cold days:
A. Curl up with a book
B. Bake cookies

C. Take a nap
D. Watch movies


Pick something to snuggle up with:
A. A blanket
B. A sweatshirt

C. A pillow
D. A pet


If you answered mostly A’s: Your favorite winter items are basic and traditional, so you should go to a coffee shop to hang out with friends!

If you answered mostly B’s: Your favorite winter items are spontaneous and random, so you should go and make a snowman or even an igloo!

If you answered mostly C’s: Your favorite winter items are relaxing, so you should lay low and take the nap that you know you want!

If you answered mostly D’s: Your favorite winter items are fun and exciting, so you should embrace your inner child and go sledding!