Chimes & Choruses: 10 Ideal Summer Songs

The soundtrack to your summer misadventures


You’ll be doing a whole lot this summer, whether it’s wreaking late night havoc, sitting around the fireplace in the backyard, driving with the music loud and the windows down, or even relaxing in the tropical sunshine while sipping something out of a coconut. Whatever your plans are, you’ll need a soundtrack – Won’t you? If you for some reason have an incompetent taste in music or you’re interested in what I have to say, check out my playlist of songs that can help soundtrack your summer below!


Blondfire: “Where The Kids Are” 

Tender Tender Rush

This is the perfect late night anthem. I picture this golden, charming blend of pop-rock, sugar pop, and EDM as the perfect song to play in the car on the way to a party (I’m no party-er, but I’ve seen my fair share of movies).


Simple Minds: “Waterfront”

Virgin Records

Oh boy, Simple Minds. They’re often dismissed as a one hit wonder for their explosion in popularity following The Breakfast Club‘s “Don’t You (Forget About Me”, but this band’s whole catalog is terrific. “Waterfront” is a pure ’80s gem of soaked new wave pop, and it’s sure to help make any day in the water memorable (not to mention get you on a summer-long Simple Minds kick).


Tom Petty: “The Wild One, Forever”


Every summer playlist needs some Tom Petty. This is a fantastic, easygoing, and spirited song that would sound best blared with the windows down on a cool sunny day.


Arkells: “Never Thought This Would Happen”

Arkells Music

If you’re not listening to Arkells, you’re missing out on one of the best indie rock bands around right now. “Never Thought This Would Happen” was the first song released off their upcoming third full length High Noon, and it doesn’t hesitate to wear the spirit of summer on its sleeve.


 The Jesus And Mary Chain: “Just Like Honey”

Warner Music

There’s only six words to describe this song: Makin’ out with the stereo on. This track kicks off the distorted shoegaze pop on Psychocandy, one of the most outstanding records of the ’80s – Not to be missed.


Bruce Springsteen: “No Surrender”


From start to finish, the album Born In The U.S.A is built for summer, and the liberating hymn “No Surrender” comes through as a spectacular anthem that could soundtrack just about anything summer throws at you. “Well we busted outta class/Had to get away from those fools/Learned more from a three minute record baby/Than we ever learned in school”.


Taking Back Sunday: “Summer, Man”

Warner Bros

I’ve never been sure why the LP New Again is regarded by many as Taking Back Sunday’s flop. The record showcases front man Adam Lazzara at his finest lyrically and vocally, and the steadfast, alt-rock instrumentation stands right by its side. “Summer, Man” is your classic post-summer recollection of a fling that’s no longer, but it has the true-hearted fidelity that suits any day out in the sun with nothing but a parking lot and a few friends.


SWEET+TALKER: “Burn It Up All Night”


SWEET+TALKER is an outstanding independent singer-songwriter out of Los Angeles, and this song has an undeniable late night charisma that could make anything under a starry sky memorable.


The Chain Gang of 1974: “Sleepwalking”

Warner Bros.

There’s an immaculate ’80s vibe to this song, and although it would suit your summer misadventures best in Los Angeles, this track is sure to crawl into your bloodstream and stay their all summer long.


Brand New: “Soco Amaretto Lime”

Triple Crown

This bittersweet acoustic isn’t anything you’d expect a summer song to be. There’s no hooks or infectious, sunny melodies, but instead this track recounts all the love and unforgettable experiences you’ll have had by the time those three months are over.