Restaurant Review: Sushi Yama

Without the strange atmosphere, the fresh fish and great deals would make Sushi Yama a 5/5 restaurant.


Location: 1627 E Coalton Rd Superior, CO 80027

Serves: Dine-in, Take-out, Delivery

Cost: $10- $30


Food: 4/5 Experience: 4/5 Service: 5/5 Convenience: 4/5

Sushi Yama is a Japanese restaurant that focuses mainly on bringing fresh sushi and oriental dishes to Superior, Colorado. While on the outside it looks like any other cheesy and cheap restaurant, the food at Sushi Yama is far from low-quality.

The restaurant contains both a sushi bar and a booth area. At the bar you can see the chef make all of your sushi, and the chef will serve the sushi right across from the bar, eliminating the need for a waiter or waitress. The booths are fantastic to sit at with friends and family, as the environment is relatively friendly and welcoming.

The decor doesn’t really match; behind the bar is a setup with wooden ship models and other calming, zen-like scenery, but to the right and left of the setup there are two TV’s usually showing basketball games or the Nature Channel. For what Sushi Yama serves, the decor doesn’t fit well, but if you’re having a good time with friends, the clashing decor is hardly noticeable.

As for the food, Sushi Yama nailed it. I have gone several times to Yama and every single time I am impressed. It’s hard for me to pick my favorite thing to eat there, as all the fish is fresh and all the tempura is delectable. If I had to pick one dish it would be the fatty tuna, and the roll would be the Osaka. The only complaints I have about the food is with the smaller side dishes. The miso soup seemed like it was powder dissolved in boiling water, and the seaweed salad tasted very cheap.

The lunch special, $10 for all-you-can-eat sushi, might be the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Not only was it extremely convenient, but it was also delicious.The special was convenient because my friends and I ordered three rolls each initially, then after we got them, the waitress came back about 15 minutes later and had us order again, only this time, we ordered two rolls. We knew precisely when we were full, so we didn’t order too much food. Also, the amount of time between orders was just enough to finish our food.

If I were to critique one thing about the actual restaurant and not the food, it would be the atmosphere. When I went with my family to Yama at about 7:00, the entire time I couldn’t help but feel a bit weirded out by the environment, the noise level was really low and I noticed the workers whispering behind the bar. The whole situation was just a little discomforting.

Despite my strange experience, the food at Yama is too good to pass up. I will definitely return to Sushi Yama again.