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Monarch campus officially ‘blessed’
Ryan Lampa
Cutting the symbolic ribbon: (left to right) sophomores Brendan Keough and Alisha Bethram, Superintendent Tom Seigel, freshmen Tyson Burch and Arlee Eastman.

For Monarch High School students, class started bright and early in the morning on Aug. 31. Their new school was finished and ready to go. But it wasn’t until almost a month later that the school was recognized as being “officially open”.

On Sept. 28, over 600 freshmen and sophomore students crammed into the bleachers of their brand new gym. Most of them were wishing they were asleep, or out with their friends, but instead, they were spending the warm Monday afternoon at the opening ceremony for Monarch High School.

Officials from the school district and nearby cities spoke at length to students about the opportunities the new school provides.

The highlight of the assembly was the ribbon cutting. Superintendent of the Boulder Valley Schools, Tom Seigel, was assisted by four MHS Student Council members: freshmen Tyson Burch and Arlee Eastman, and sophomores Brendan Keough and Alisha Bethrum. The students were chosen at random at a Student Council meeting.

Before the ribbon cutting, students heard speeches from fellow classmates. These speakers were also Student Council members, Russell Kettle and Danielle Gauna, who auditioned in front of the Student Council class for the right to speak at the ceremony.

“Everybody who wanted to speak wrote a speech and tried out in front of Student Council. Then we voted,” Kettle said.

During his speech, Kettle told fellow students, “In no time we should be as big and respectable as any other high school in the State.”

The choir gave an awesome first performance, belting out the lyrics from the well-known song, Be True To Your School” under the direction of music teacher Tina Dozauer.

Other guests included the mayors of Superior and Louisville, the president of the Boulder Valley Board of Education, design advisory team, and many others who helped to build and design the school, ranging from contractors to architects.

Students heard speeches from several of these guests. Many of the speakers emphasized one point: students need to make the most of what they have. In her speech Gauna reminded fellow classmates of the unique opportunities they have.

“A new school and a new beginning. A chance to leave a trail for many more to follow,” said Gauna.

The audience of Monarch students had mixed reactions about the assembley. “I thought it was interesting but it would have been better if other student groups had been involved,” said freshman Brenda Jean.

However many students disagreed with her. “The speeches were too long and boring. It was a waste of time,” said sophomore Andrea Tuttle.

“At least we got out of class,” added freshman Jessie Sheeder.

The best part, by far, for the students was getting released from school 20 minutes, early as Principal William Johnson wrapped up the celebration. “Monarch High School is now officially open,” he said.

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