Student Store: the Creation of a Homemade Delicacy


Parker Sitton (left), Daniel McComas, and Kingston Wagner huddle together to fill out paperwork at the student store during second period. (Photo credit: Conner Lund)

Conner Lund, Staff Reporter

The student store has now introduced a brand new recipe for burritos. Yet the student body is still asking, “Where do they come from?”

These new burritos are in fact created right here, in the catering classroom, taught by Mrs. Olsen. The Catering 2 students now have a big plate on their hands.

Almost every day during class, these hard-working students must make as many burritos as possible-usually about 25 a day. After manufacturing, they then take them to the student store to be sold by student managers in DECA. “This way, we can stick to what we’re good at,” said Mrs. Olsen.

This could be just the first step in a profitable partnership. Catering 2 is now trying to create a recipe for healthy muffins to be sold in the store, but this process might take longer than students would imagine. In the district, the nutritional codes are putting a damper on future plans. “It took about a week to create the burrito recipe. The hardest part was working around the nutritional codes. We are pushing right up against [the laws] with our burrito recipe,” says Cedric Leedy, a senior at Monarch.

Leedy is one of the six students making the burritos. “We need to get the word out about our new burritos,” said Hosna Satar, a student store manager during 1st period. The egg burritos cost two dollars and fifty cents, and the chicken burritos cost three dollars, and are on sale now.