Election Process Suffers Hiccups in Many States


Photo by: Philip A. Dwyer Source: http://mctcampus.com

Election worker Richard Coit makes sure all ballots are removed from envelopes by looking through the hole in the middle of the envelopes at the Whatcom County Auditor’s office on Election Day, Tuesday, November 6, 2012, in Bellingham, Washington.

Arika Rooney, Business Manager

Everyone across America relies on our political system to cast our votes correctly in able to make our voice matter. A vote discarded or incorrectly counted could have a large impact across the nation and could leave citizens questioning our election process. Across the country instances like this have taken place during the November 2012 election:

  •  Electronic voting machines in Pennsylvania selected Republican Mitt Romney when voters touched the screen for President Obama.
  • Virginia described Obama as a Republican, voting officials had to reissue voters with paper ballots.
  • Ohio  electronic machines crashed
  • In Virginia only had 6 voting machines for the 5,100 voters for the heavily Democratic county– voting polls kept open but only for those in line.
  • Residents of Florida’s Pinellas County were incorrectly informed that voting times would last through Wednesday.
  • In Cincinnati, Ohio people are being pressured to used provisional ballots instead of regular ballots (ones that may not be counted due to irregularities)
  • Arizona identified wrong polling locations to Democratic voters.
  • Many Colorado ballots could be rejected due to signature issues.