Election Results 2012


(Chris Walker/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

President Barack Obama waves to supporters at his election-night headquarters as he celebrates his re-election on Wednesday, November 7, 2012, in Chicago, Illinois.

Dalton Valette, staff reporter

President/ Vice President- Barack Obama/ Joe Biden (D)

Runner-up- Mitt Romney/ Paul Ryan (R)

Electoral Votes- 303 for Obama, 206 for Romney (Florida results not in)

Percentage- 50.3% Obama, 48.1% Romney


U.S. House of Representative District 2- Jared Polis (D)

Runner-up- Kevin Lundberg (R)

Percentage- 55% Polis, 40% Lundberg


U.S. House of Representative District 7- Ed Perlmutter (D)

Runner-up- Joe Coors (R)

Percentage- 53% Perlmutter, 41% Coors


State Senate District 17 (Louisville) – Matt Jones (D)

Runner-up- Charlie Plaginos (R)

Percentage- 63% Jones, 33% Plaginos


State House District 12 (Louisville) – Mike Foote (D)

Runner-up- Russ Lyman (R)

Percentage- 65% Foote, 30% Lyman


State House District 33 (Superior) – Dianne Primavera (D)

Runner-up- David Pigott (R)

Percentage- 50% Primavera, 45% Pigott


Amendment 64: Recreational use of marijuana for persons over 21- Passed, 55% in favor 45% opposed

Amendment 65: Supports limiting campaign spending in elections- Passed, 73% in favor, 27% opposed


Fun Facts about the 2012 election: ·

Maine and Maryland approved same-sex marriage. ·

Colorado and Washington approved recreational use of marijuana. ·

Tammy Baldwin, D, of Wisconsin is the first openly gay senator. ·

There are now twenty women senators, breaking the previous record of seventeen.