Mind The Gap


Joy Wineman, Staff Reporter

For readers who read ‘Mind The Gap’ in December’s print issue, and wanted to delve deeper into the story and the topic of a gap year, further resources are included below.

For readers who were unlucky enough not to get a copy of the print issue, ‘Mind The Gap’ outlined the story of a local girl, Monika Lutz, who faced rejection from all but one of the colleges on her list. She then chose to take a gap year between high school and college to intern, work, and travel all over the world.

She currently attends Harvard University and has written a book. Her book, Now What? discusses her time between high school and college and promotes a gap year as another option for high school graduates upon graduation.

Lutz was featured in USA Today as a college writer on the topic of her gap year.

The Daily Camera published a piece highlighting Lutz, why she chose to go on a gap year, and some quick facts on CU students who take a gap year.

Lutz was featured in Time magazine along with other high school graduates who took a gap year in order to analyze the value of a gap year.

The Wall Street Journal’s online edition used lutz as an example to explain why more and more students are choosing to take a gap year.

Lutz’s book has a page on kickstarter.com in order to get publicity and backers so that it can get picked up by a publisher.

Another forum through which Lutz publicizes herself is her own website outlining her gap year and introducing her book.