Seniors Engage in Ultimate Tag Extreme

Death by spoon


Sophia Cox-Wright

Photo illustration of two spoons battling.

If you have seen a student or two running down the halls with plastic spoons in their hands with one of them shouting “never!” and the other rapidly trying to “stab” (well, actually poke) the person they are chasing with their apparently lethal spoon, you aren’t crazy.

“It’s awesome; even though I died this morning; it was was pretty sad,” comments senior KezLee Ferrera, who is now a casualty in the ever growing number of “assassinated” seniors. But don’t worry, they aren’t actually dying.

“If you get stabbed with a spoon by the person that got your name, you ‘die’,” explains senior Jessie Chestnut. The senior class of 2014 is playing an all class game of assassination. Heres how it works: everyone got a link through facebook of the name of whom you are suppose to “kill.” If you can tag them with a plastic spoon successfully, that person is killed and then you go on to kill the person who they were going to kill. Whoever kills the most people by the end of the game wins.