Clark’s Content Closing

Student created medical and dental clinic prepares for Mexico City

Clark interacting with parents and students on the project’s “open house” day, August 18, 2014.

It was paint, hammers and screws at the end of April until mid-August, but now technology teacher David Clark is looking back with the (40 or so) students who have taken part in accomplishment of the idea that he founded. “(The project) has just gone really really smoothly,” said Clark.

The outside of the container has been painted by Ms. Quigg and the Art club, while the inside has three rooms, a dental care center, pharmacy/storage room and a general checkup medical center. The cabinets and medical/dental furniture were donated to them and are in suitable condition to provide healthcare to those in poverty in and around Mexico City. “The cabinets were used and the furniture was used”, said Clark, “things were very solid”.

“We have been here at school a lot this summer, the students and I have spent many half days here every week”, said Clark explaining what their schedule looked like this summer.

Robotics and clinic project team member Katy Muhlrad said “I didn’t think I would work on it as much, maybe five weeks or so into the summer,” but felt accomplished and relieved, “it turned out better than I thought.”

Clark plans on bringing a small group of students down to assist in setting the clinic up in October and is hoping to stay connected(along with Muhlrad) with a non-profit robotics team similar to theirs down in Mexico City to set up the clinic and make any changes necessary. Homes of Living Hope(the organization funding the project) as well as a non-profit in Mexico City called Mosaico who initially informed Clark of the need of medical attention, will “check on it and create statistics for us to see how it is actually used”, said Muhlrad. “Depending on the level of staffing they are able to get it will be open every day and see up to 100 people a day,” said Clark

“It did take longer than I first thought, but now we’ve got a better idea for the one we do next year”, Clark said. Clark and his students plan to take on a similar project again, a community center going down to the same area of Mexico City in 2015.