Crowning Homecoming Royalty

Monarch’s 2014 Homecoming royalty is announced at football game


Mckenzie Harris

Minda Katilius holds his crown after being crowned Homecoming king for 2014 at Friday night’s football game where the royalty was announced.

During halftime at Monarch’s football game against Poudre the Homecoming royalty were announced. Each year a Homecoming court of three boys and three girls from each grade is nominated by their peers and then the top nominees are voted on.

This year the royalty for the freshman class were Lizzy Hogan and Callum Barr. Representing the sophomore class were Roy Grigsby and Julie Marcus. The junior Homecoming royalty, or the prince and princess, were Lauren Paswater and Mikey Kasten. The final announcement was the Homecoming king and queen from the senior class, Minda Katilius and Savannah Magness.

“I was completely surprised when I was nominated,” said Katilius. Although, he said that once he was nominated that he was not surprised that he became king.

“I had no idea,” Magness said

Both Katilis and Magness agreed that they were most excited for the circus theme and tent this year. “I’m the most excited for the circus tent,” said Magness.