The Brothers Washburn Visit Book Club


Kenna Early

Prepare for scare! Berk and Andy Washburn stand next to Ms. Gerrish soon after arriving at Monarch. The two authors came on Friday to talk about their book, Pitch Green.

Fridays in the library can be interesting. Last week the Book Club had two authors visit to share a childhood scary story gone novel. The Brothers Washburn co-wrote a youth horror series that started with Pitch Green. The plot was based on a scary story they made up and told to their siblings. The two brothers have been sharing the creepy tale to their children and brothers for years and now their children share it with their families as well.

Every once in a while in Book Club an author gets invited to come over during a Friday meeting. Sometimes a student e-mails a favorite author and asks them to come, if they say yes, then we either Skype with them or they come in themselves. Usually the only way to get one of these writers to come is if they’re in town, it’s not like they will drive all the way here just for two half hour meetings.

The writers usually talk about their books or their inspiration, then they take questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is how they got published. This lengthy process does not always get them where they want to be, the Brothers Washburn have written more books than Pitch Green, they just never got published. They, Berk and Andy Washburn, said that they went to two writing conferences before they came up for the series’ idea and got a good company to publish it. It was a fitting group to visit the Book Club that day, seeing as it was Halloween that night.