On Wednesday January 28 2015, 16 students from Monarch’s Principals of Business and Economics program attended the University of Northern Colorado for an FBLA event. The group presented achievement projects to judges from all fields of Business in Colorado. According to those interviewed, this trip was successful.

“Essentially the UNC event was a competition for high school businesses participants to come and present what we have been working on and what we will accomplish in the future,” said freshman Lyndi Warner.

At this event, seven of the students presented a power point to advertise Monarch socks. This presentation included several marketing strategies and profit plans. After the presentation the students were given positive feedback and given an opportunity to see people from other schools present.

“It was cool to be able to watch other schools present their business plans in attempt to get a grant from the judges to start their businesses wide spread,” said freshmen Avery Ortiz- Hunt.

After all schools finished presenting the teams were awarded. Monarch won second place and was rewarded with 2,000 dollars in scholarships for the UNC Montfort School of Business.

“I’m very proud of what we accomplished and believe we have great potential,”

said senior Kyle Merlino.

This group of students worked extremely hard and represented Monarch well.

“I never dreamed I would have 9th and 10th graders winning scholarships for a university. But I’m so happy for the kids who worked hard and got the recognition. They brought great honor to our school. Also, if any of them decide to go to Montfort College of Business, they’ll have a head start paying for it!”

Rudy Sumpter, FBLA advisor

After a long day the students agreed that the UNC FBLA event was successful for many reasons, and provided an excellent opportunity to gain experience in marketing and advertising.