Monarch Business Teacher Awarded for Achievement

Teacher Rudy Sumpter wins Enterprising Teacher award


On Friday the 10th, Rudy Sumpter gets up to speak at a conference. He put together a short acceptance speech to give that day. “I’m so excited and honored.” Sumpter said.

In April, Rudy Sumpter received the Enterprising Teacher of the year award from the Colorado Council for Economic Education (CCEE). He gave a short acceptance speech on Friday, April 10 at the Colorado Council for the Social Studies Conference.

Sumpter heard about the CCEE about 15 years ago when he taught at Fairview High.

“I believe my students should also get credit because they’re the ones who made me look good.” Sumpter said. Sumpter’s students learning and becoming successful in business themselves played a role in his receiving this award in his opinion.

When asked what it means to receive it, Sumpter responded: “It means that I am one of the teachers in the state that is teaching economics in a way that students can apply what they learned to real life.”

Dr. Bludorn, the director of career and technical education for the school district,  nominated him for this award.