Meet the Monarch Method

Monarch library creates new method for organization

Courtesy of Monarch Library

Courtesy of Monarch Library

After three years of hard work, reorganization, and dedication at the Monarch library Mrs. Gerrish is proud to present “The Monarch Method”. With ten years of experience being a librarian, and winning the statue of “Colorado State librarian” in 2012, Mrs. Gerrish came up with the Monarch Method in a goal to make “a library for everyone”. Instead of arranging books in alphabetical order (The Dewey System) like all the other schools in the district, the Monarch Method places books in four sections: Literature (classics), Mystery (murder/adventure), Real (real life), and Sci Fi ( the biggest section). By assigning a section to every book, the search for something to read becomes easier for everyone.

So now, when entering the Monarch library, students don’t need to ask whether or not this author is good, or which author someone would think they would enjoy reading. All they need to do is decide what section they want to read about, and dive into the books. Most students don’t know more than ten author names, so coming into a library full of author names to choose from is challenging. With the Monarch Method, the process of finding books is made easier; students become more independent, and willing to find something to read as it is easy, simple, and quick.

On September 19th, 2015, at the conference for State librarians, Mrs. Gerrish will publish the Monarch Method to the world.

Changing up the whole library system was a big step for Monarch. Going from the Dewey system which has been in place since 1860, to the Monarch Method was a huge transformation. “It’s like changing the ending of the Hunger Games” said Mrs. Gerrish.