The Wonderful World of Wunder Wurst

Sign language and German classes celebrate together


Mrs. Stanley and Mr. DiCesare at Wunder Wurst 2015.

Wunder Wurst …many will now wonder what does that even mean? Wunder Wurst means Miracle sausage if you translate it from the German original.  Wunder Wurst is an event organised by the ASL and German classes, that takes place at the beginning of October to celebrate something similar to Oktoberfest, that’s happening every year in Munich, Germany. This year the event took place on Friday the second of October. This event is quite different from a normal Oktoberfest, because it is really just all about sausages! 350 sausages were served during the festival! When asked about the food sophomore Diana Montanez said,  ”Bratwurst are delicious, I love bratwurst.”

This event has taken place two years in a row and has evolved quite a bit from the first time it happend to its second anniversary. ”This year we focused a lot more on fun, last year we spent more time sharing vocabulary-words” says German teacher Emily Stanley, when asked about the evolution of the festival.

The only thing  that has nothing to do with sausages on that special day is the stein holding contest.  Stein holding is a  competition where the competing students have to hold a stein , a which is a big glass (almost 34 fluid oz), that is in this case filled with water, to see who can hold it the longest. “It’s a test of strength and also a friendly competition between two classes”  said  Mrs. Stanley, describing the event that takes place at every Wunder Wurst. ”Holding the steins is hard, I only lasted like 56 seconds” said Montanez about her experience with the stein holding. This year’s record holder was Isaac Green with five minutes and seven seconds.

A fun fact is  also that both teachers when asked said that their favorite thing about Wunder Wurst is to get out of the classroom and spend time with the other class. But not only the teachers think that way. Senior Elaina Funk said ”It was just really amazing to get together a lot of people from one class and another class and just like have one big grill-out”.

Reflecting back on the success of the second annual Wunderwurst, ASL teacher Steve DiCesare said, “We must remember that everything comes to an end, but only a Sausage has two”.