The Ship Has Sailed

The medical clinic built by the robotics team is going to Mexico

As the sun started to set over the Flatirons on November 30th at 4 pm, members of the Robotics team were gazing at another amazing spectacle in the bus loop: their medical clinic being loaded onto the back of a truck to be finally sent to its destination.

“We’re super psyched,” said senior Monica Mah, the Projects Head of the Robotics team, who also went to Nationals last year for Robotics. Mah has been following this project since its start two years ago. “We worked through the summer on this, two summers ago actually, one day a week at least, and we worked on it in the spring too, so we were really pumped to work on it and get it finished. And then we were waiting until it got shipped out, but today is finally the day,” said Mah.

The full container, now medical clinic, was attached to a crane, lifted over a “No Parking” sign, and lowered onto the truck that would bring the clinic to the U.S./Mexican border.

“It should arrive within days,” said David Clark, the technology teacher. “[The clinic] will be shipped down to the border and then our nonprofit partners on the other side will pick it up and will take it the rest of the way.”

Since the clinic is being sent to an impoverished area, organizing the process was what held up the shipping.

“We got donations from different places in the community like churches, children’s museums, the school and all over the place but we had to categorize that and make an inventory of everything,” said Mah.

The nonprofit organization that helped the Robotics team with this project is called Homes of Living Hope. The clinic would both enhance the community and give the Robotics team a chance to use what they learned in the club in real life. Building and designing the clinic took all sorts of skills, and the Robotics team was fully equipped with the right tools and the right mindset to complete the project.

Despite the cold, 28 degree weather, the members of the Robotics team who watched their container be sent off were almost giddy with excitement as they whipped out their phones to take pictures and videos of the event. Would this be a day to go down in history for the Robotics team?

“That’s an interesting question,” said freshman Erica Muhlrid. “Maybe!”

In any case, the Robotics team was happy to see their project finished, right in time for them to start preparing for their upcoming season that starts in January.