Prom Assembly

What you missed at the final pep assembly of the year

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The seniors put on a fashion show for the school. Kenzie Nelson wore a pink dress, while Cole English sported a white tux.

Even though the Prom assembly was two weeks before prom this year, it was still packed with exciting moments. It began like any other assembly, with the seniors leading the National Anthem for the rest of the school. Excitement was in the air as students looked on at the sports teams paraded around the gym and celebrated at the recognition given to the hockey team, and the percussionists’ achievements. In addition, Dr. Anderson also gave one last speech to the entire student body. The assembly wasn’t just filled with announcements though, there were a lot of games and activities to build the excitement for Prom.

Students in each class were tasked with designing a prom dress to compete against each other, and of course the seniors won. The seniors also went head-to-head with the teachers in a tug of war battle, but the rope split apart in the middle, sending students and teachers tumbling to the ground.

One of the highlights of the assembly was a performance  by the Poms team, who were joined by Boy’s Rugby players. The teams spent hours preparing a high-energy performance for the whole school. The rugby boys even had high-flying stunts to match the pom team’s extravagant dance moves. The whole show ended with a bang, in a series of prom-posals.

“The practices were just usually really fun and goofy, but it got super serious when we actually went out to perform,” Matthew Reimann (12) said. “To actually get out there in front of everyone we know was pretty scary. It was super fun though.”

The boys rugby team paired up with poms for an exciting performance. It ended with a series of prom-posals.

Additionally, the cast of Murder in the Knife Room made an appearance at the assembly to promote the spring play that would go on the following day. The characters formed a line across the gym in full costume, inviting the school to their upcoming performance.

“It was really cool to get to go up in front of everyone like that. I had always thought it would be cool to be a part of the assembly and be in front of everyone, which is kind of the same reason I wa

Student actors paraded across the gym dressed as different characters, promoting the spring play, Murder in the Knife Room.

s drawn to theatre and acting, ” Bennet Forsyth (12) said. “I’m glad I was able to incorporate something I truly enjoy with the assembly experience.”

Lastly, the Prom fashion show was put on and the students were dressed up to show off their outfits for the big day. The students walked the red carpet adorned in dresses and tuxedos, and there was even a promposal to top it off.

With the assembly being the last one of the year, there was a sense of finality for many students. This was the last time the seniors would scream their chant, and the last time they would stand in the bleachers of the gym. With Prom just around the corner, the assembly raised a lot of excitement for one of the biggest events of the year, and it was one that the students will remember for years to come.