Pirate teachers surprise principal

MHS staff honors Anderson’s challenge in costume


Lincoln Roch, Staff Writter

When Principal Mr. Neil Anderson was called to the MHS Library on Wednesday morning, he was a little concerned. However, as he walked through the doors his face burst into a gigantic smile. He saw his staff dressed as pirates.

“Mr. Anderson said at the beginning of the year that we’re going to be pirates,” Ms. Gwendolyn Lukas-Doctor, theater director and Language Arts teacher who organized this event, said. She went on to explain that Mr. Anderson used the pirate as a metaphor to challenge his staff because pirates, while very loyal, sometimes break the rules to help the community.

“Today just happened to be ‘Talk Like a Pirate Day,’ so we all decided to surprise Mr. Anderson and all dress like pirates,” Ms. Lukas-Doctor said.

Mr. Anderson joined in the fun by donning a pirate hat for the group pictures.

“I was not expecting it,” Mr. Anderson said. “I was told I had to be at the library at 8:50. I asked for what? And they just said, ‘You have to be there.” It was nerve-wrecking because I know a lot of students come to the library during tutor time, so it must be serious if they’re willing to shut down the library. But as I walked through those library doors and saw the teachers I thought, that’s pretty great.”

Mr. Anderson was impressed his staff’s willingness to take his words and literally turn them into action in the classroom.

“It makes me smile like today,” he said.