It’s time

New schedule means big changes for Monarch students


Monarch High School has finally adopted a new schedule. This is the moment students have all been waiting for. More late starts, extra Access Time (previously called Tutor Time), and a dedicated time for clubs to meet are all coming this week.

The process for creating this new and improved schedule was not a short one. “This was a five year process in which we created a committee that read the research on late starts and health, visited schools and created draft schedules,” Science teacher Ms. Kristin Donley said.

There were three goals in particular that this schedule would need to achieve. “One, improve health through mindfulness practices,” Ms. Donley said. “Two, give equitable access to teachers for tutoring, make-up assignments, and club participation. Three, decrease stress and depression among our students.”

Research conducted by Monarch’s Ideal School Day Committee shows that depression and suicide has increased by approximately 420 percent in the past few years. Monarch itself has had over 80 students have undergone suicide assessments this year. The committee surveyed students who have been feeling overwhelmed, stressed, and depressed. When students get more sleep, they perform better in classes and are, overall, happier.

After years of discussion, the staff voted upon an “ideal” school day schedule in November. “The vote passed with an 82 percent approval rating,” Ms. Donley said.

Ms. Donley is particularly excited about this new schedule. “It tackles all three goals and gives students more time to decompress, sleep and access teachers for help,” she said. She hopes this schedule will be a success.

To see the full schedule, click here.