Snow days

Why we didn’t have a day off


6:00 am, Monday morning. We’re waking up and pulling up the Boulder Valley School District website. There was no phone call, but it has to be a snow day, right? No? Really!?

This is a scene many of us went through yesterday morning. This never ending cycle of crushed hopes and dreams. However there may be a reason for this cycle.

First of all, the forecasts for Monday morning weren’t anywhere near what actually happened. Most weather forecasts was predicted 1-2 inches.

Also, BVSD has to call a snow day by 5:30, and this snowstorm really got bad around 6:00. Therefore, the school had already said school was starting and couldn’t take it back at that point. Principal Mr. Neil Anderson said, “What I understand is that if it’s not safe to come don’t come in.”

Many students have wondered if an alternative solution to canceling school would be a delayed start of two hours, for example.

When questioned about a change like this, Mr. Anderson said, “We don’t have a two hour delay schedule, and I’ve not been told we needed one.”

So there it is. However sad it may be, there were legitimate reasons that we could not enjoy a snow day yesterday.