The inside scoop on the cafeteria

What goes on in the Monarch Cafeteria that’s constantly backed up with a line?

While our school cafeteria is busy making food for our school, food is also being made and distributed from here to not one, not two, but FIFTEEN other schools in the entire Boulder Valley District. According to Mr. Moscoso, the head chef of our kitchen, our school cafeteria is one of the three schools that does this. Our cafeteria makes around 2500-3000 meals per day. This means our school serves not only its students but also other schools’ students too and, besides, us, they serve so much food to other schools for their students to eat.

“Nacho beef, for example, we’re talking about moving 700 pounds of nacho beef at a time.” Says Mr. Moscoso “All of the foods that we eat are organic, very healthy, with no GMO’s, refined sugar, or corn syrup. We also have the support of the department of defense for our commodity items at quite a low price. There’s even a team of district managers that procure and take account of all of the ingredients we use too.”

Of course, there’s bound to be injuries here and there such as burns, cut fingers, or injured backs. When interviewing Mr. Moscoso, one of the kitchen staff members was out of commission due to him hurting his back.

The cleanliness and spotlessness of the interior and exterior are excellent. Also, the kitchen staff members love working there. One thing that makes Mr. Moscoso very happy is, “Working at a place where the employees are taken care of.”

Our kitchen staff members are working very hard to serve the students of this school good and healthy food so that we can refresh ourselves and be able to learn and study better as we attend this school.