The Prom that might still be

Senior Senate Sponsor open to rescheduling annual rite of passage


Tonight was supposed to be magical.

Tonight was supposed to be that once-in-a-lifetime experience that so many teenagers dream of.

Tonight was supposed to be Prom.

Of course, tonight is now just another night in the midst of Colorado’s Stay at Home order.

When the word came down in an email from Superintendent Dr. Rob Anderson on March 27 that all BVSD proms for this spring were to be canceled, many seniors were crushed.

“Now I will be graduating high-school without ever experiencing Prom and making memories,” Sophie Stern ’20 said.

Sam Keenan ’20 felt similarly. “I would say [senior year] wouldn’t be incomplete without a prom,” she said.

Senior Senate adviser Dr. Melissa Vass felt the disappointment of so many students. “We are very sad that so much hard work has been put into it and now it is very questionable,” Dr. Vass said. “We have been planning with Junior and Senior Senate for two years. Our hearts hurt for all the things students are missing out on right now. Hopefully, some of them can still happen later.”

It was a great deal of effort that they put in to prepare for this year prom. “It was not hard. It just took a lot of time and thoughts about what we needed to have done for it to be successful,” Dr.Vass said. “We were really excited to see it all come together so we were all very sad about it not happening on the 25th.”

However, the door is not closed on Prom for Monarch students altogether. There is a chance to hold prom later this year, possibly at the same venue even. “We have a date in May and in June still reserved with Wings Over the Rockies,” Dr.Vass said.  She added that all of the vendors, including the DJ and photographer have welcomed the idea of rescheduling the event.

However, everything is still on hold until we see where the novel coronavirus takes us next.