Leader of the arts – Xavier Gonzales

Choir students find the right note to lead his peers


Zoey Perrine

As a leader in Monarch’s choir community, Xavier Gonzales ‘22 dedicates much of his time to making sure that those around him get the guidance they may need.
“I help the underclassmen that need help with stuff like finding the right note,” Gonzales said. In both concert and tenor bass choir Gonzales is a known leader. “I just give them that kind of musical leadership everybody could use,” Gonzales said.
Even as a senior, his choir journey isn’t over. Gonzales plans to continue to sing throughout college because it is a crucial part of his life.
“My favorite part of choir is that there are different people, and we can share our other side, stand out and say, ‘Hey, I have this side of me that I don’t show,’” Gonzales said.