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Man or muppet

Monarch’s newest principal has a background that’s anything but ordinary

Twelve years into his career as a high school principal, it might be hard to believe Greg Doan was once a grave digger.

He’s also worked at Sonic, and he entered college as a nuclear engineering major. “It wasn’t like I magically appeared in a principal’s office one day,” he said. Despite many detours on his path to becoming Monarch’s new puppet-wielding principal, it seems Doan has found his true purpose in education.

Doan’s unusual life story has given him a unique perspective on what matters most during the four pivotal years we spend in high school. “I want students to know that this high school experience is what I want them to enjoy and be connected to,” he said. “And if I can show that or give ideas for it, or create new things that make it happen, I’m very much into that.”

Thanks to his experience working at four other high schools, Doan has found fun ways to connect with his students. Most of us have already had a chance to break out his creative cheers at pep rallies and football games (Peel banana! Peel, Peel banana!), and no one can say he’s lacking in enthusiasm.

“It comes down to me showing students that I’m here,” Doan said. “I’m invested. I’m in it with you.” He’s already demonstrated his commitment through his all-out spirit wear, banana hats, and his obvious dedication to making students’ time at Monarch as memorable as possible.

The other bonding tactic that Doan has employed throughout his career in education is rather unconventional. Most principals don’t DIY a Muppet of themselves to pull out during a graduation speech. They also don’t receive custom bobbleheads at reunions, or keep a shrine in their office to every school and mascot they have ever represented.

Doan’s infamous Muppet represents his animated personality, and last year’s graduating class at Eagle Valley High School showed their support when he introduced the puppet to the crowd. His shelf of puppets and bobbleheads may seem questionable at first glance, but every item represents his deep connection to each school, class, and student in his career.

Clearly, Doan’s devotion to education extends deeper than mascots and cheers. “I just believe in community,” he said. “And I really love the fact that a school represents everything about what’s happening around it in good and bad ways.” He strives to make a positive impact not only on Monarch students but also on families and the community.

During his time at Monarch, Doan plans to do everything he can to pursue this mission. “My goal for Monarch is to figure out how I can help elevate, push forward, and shine a light on the great things happening in the community,” he said. “I always believe there’s something more you can do.”

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