The Greatest Acts of Love Throughout Time



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In the spirit of Valentine’s Day we have decided to compile a list of, in our opinion, some of the greatest love stories of all time. From fiction to reality we have made a list of some of the greatest acts of love of all time. We know that there are many many more, but these were some of our favorites.


1.King Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson

Back in the day, royals marrying commoners was a big “no-no”. So it came as a huge shock to the British royal family when King Edward VIII abdicated the throne in 1936 to marry the love of his life, a commoner. Edward gave up his whole life to marry Wallis Simpson. She was an American and shunned by Edward’s family. This is one beautiful act of love that gets us a little bit teary-eyed. It shows us that sometimes love can be more important than anything else, even a royal crown.

2. Romeo and Juliet

Talk about taking love to the extreme. We all know the tragic story of Romeo and Juliet, those poor star-crossed lovers. Romeo drinks poison after finding a sleeping Juliet whom he believes to be dead. A short time later Juliet awakens to find Romeo dead at her feet and stabs herself. They both couldn’t bear the thought of living without their true love. Now, we don’t recommend actually taking one’s life to prove unconditional love, but this story reminds us that we can’t help who we fall in love with. Even if it is the son of our family’s archrival. Love is special, we can’t let other people’s problems get in the way of something so special and beautiful.

3. Juan and Evita Peron

The story of Juan and Evita Peron is a story of two individuals from different worlds, bridging social gaps with love. Evita was a young actress from Buenos Aires, who met colonel Juan Peron at a charity benefit for an earthquake in San Juan. Peron quickly became smitten with young Evita and their relationship began with scandal as they moved in together before marriage. In 1946, Peron was elected president and the two became the world’s most influential and powerful couple of the time. They worked together as a seamless team, and Evita assumed the role as one of the most active first ladies to date. Both Peron’s attributed their success to their love for each other, an affection that the entire country felt. In 1952, Evita passed away from cervical cancer, and her death caused grief throughout all of Argentina. Juan was heart broken, and some say that to this day, the country has not been the same. Although their story had a tragic end, the Peron’s love was strong enough to lift an entire country.

4. Beauty and the Beast

Whether or not you are familiar with the original fairy tale or Disney’s version of the story, there is no denying that this story of love conquering all else pulls at the heartstrings. Belle is able to love the Beast despite his outward appearance and the disgust of the town. This simple act of love, loving the beast despite his flaws, saves the beast from his curse.This sweet fairy tale shows us that love isn’t always about what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside.

5. Norma and Gordon Yeager

This sweet story could have been pulled from a Nicholas Sparks novel but it happens to be the tale of a true love story. After 72 years of marriage Norma and Gordon Yeager were hospitalized following a car accident. They were both placed in an intensive care unit. Thier beds were placed next to each other and although they were fading fast and barely responsive, they were holding hands. Gordon passed away and one hour later Norma followed him, still holding his hand. Their love was true until the end and in one final act of love for each other, they left the world together.


1. Lui Shi Ching  and Lu Shao

The great thing about friends is that they are always there to lift us up when we are down. In the case of Lu Shao and Lui Shi Ching, from China, this is literally true. Shao has a genetic disorder which makes walking extremely difficult for him. For the past 11 years, Ching has carried Shao on his back to and from school. Love does not always mean romance, but this is one of the purest forms of love – friendship.

2. Anna and Elsa (Frozen)

In this new Disney movie, released in December 2013, we see a different kind of love. In order to save her sister Elsa, Anna jumps in front of her right as she is about to be sliced with a sword. This act of selflessness and love for her sister saves Elsa, as well as Anna, who needed an act of love to save her from turning in to ice. This sisterly love is something that warms the heart and reminds us to be grateful for the family that we have, because no matter their flaws, they’re the only family we’ve got, and we love ‘em.

3. Forrest and Bubba

Everyone deserves a friend like Forrest Gump. Bubba and Forrest create a strong friendship despite being in the midst of the Vietnam War and having to endure the racial stigma surrounding their friendship. In fact, their friendship is so great, that without hesitation, Forrest runs back into a fully fledged battle to save Bubba even though his chances of surviving are minimal. This timeless movie proves that the true loves means putting the needs of those you care about before your own.

4. Peter Pan and Tinkerbell

I think we all need a friend like Tinkerbell, fierce, feisty and just a little bit stubborn. She may be a pain in the butt sometimes but when it comes down to it she will be there for you when you need her. Tinkerbell sacrifices herself by drinking the poison Captain Hook had given Peter. Her friendship with Peter is so strong that she puts Peter before herself, acting out of love for her friend. Sometimes the greatest love comes out of the dearest friendships.

5. J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis

Who would have thought that the creators of two of Earth’s most popular worlds, Narnia and Middle Earth, would have been friends. The two met early in their writing careers., and realizing their shared love of mythical life and lands, became fast friends. Although it is rumored that neither though much of each other’s literature, the two kept up a lasting friendship until their deaths.