Icks: Baggy Pants

I would love to know why people let their pants sag. It’s gross. If you’re going to wear them that low, why wear any at all? My worst nightmare is someone with baggy pants staring over my shoulder. If I wanted him to see what I was typing, I would show him. If we go to a restaurant and he’s rude to the waiter, it shows me all I need to know. When I try to say something about it, he interrupts me and tells me to calm down. Unsurprisingly, I’m angry and not calm. It’s so easy to stop and let me finish. Then the subject of my ADHD comes up. He tries to tell me things I should do to “fix it.” What makes him think he’s qualified to tell me how to live with my frustrating problem? My life is already hard enough. Please don’t try to cure me, ‘Baggy Pants Boy.’ Thanks.