Icks: Kevin

Let me introduce you to Kevin. Kevin is a fictional character whose entire personality consists of icks. Kevin used to have a buzz cut, but now he’s growing it out into a mullet. In his free time, Kevin listens to either country music or Kanye West while flipping bottles in his messy room and playing Fortnite. Kevin always has noticeably chapped lips and a perpetually runny nose, which he often wipes on the sleeve of his neon red T-shirt. He wears mostly oversized gym shorts and tall socks with beat-up high tops. Kevin drives a Subaru with seats stained with old Chick-fil-a sauce and sprinkled with mystery crumbs. The car usually smells either like dirty socks in the backseat or the mostly empty milk carton rattling around in the trunk. So, now that you’ve met Kevin, what’s the key takeaway here? I’ll give you a hint—don’t be like Kevin.