Icks: Dirty Car


Being a jeep girl myself, I do not consider myself a car expert. However, I do love my Sir Edmond. I like to see him in tip top shape. As a young adult, I do not own much besides a car and my room. Nevertheless, they are both pristine and are ready for show at any given moment. Nothing gives me the ick more than a dirty car. You should cherish your vehicle—it is your freedom. I do not want to see your most recent edible indulgences such as 7-Eleven slurpees and Mcdonald’s wrappers decorating your car like a dumpster fire decorates an alley. Some diligent cleaning and a tree-scented air freshener would go a long way. I want to be able to worry about what my shoes will do to your car and not the other way around. Now say it with me, “Let’s all get classy and clean our chassis.”