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Same team, same side

Clubs should come together, not hate on one another
Same team, same side

I am the loudest person you will ever meet. It’s the first thing you’ll know about me. Don’t stand in front of me at football games because your ears will hurt. I yelled and screamed at the first game I went to, and I earned lots of dirty looks because of it.

I couldn’t care less about dirty looks because I feel like the happiest, loudest, most spirited person out there. Let’s say you wanted to match the amount of school spirit I have. You wouldn’t come close. The amount of spirit my brother and sister, who were involved in sports, DECA, and Student Council, hardly add up to mine. Some might wonder, who even cares about school spirit?

Monarch Girls Soccer cares. We compete for our school at every game and every practice. People in Student Council care about the strive to show up, help out, and generate ideas. DECA cares about the amount of effort people put in to win an award at a competition. Theater cares about everyone practicing for the best possible production.

So if everyone’s in different clubs, sports, and even classes that each support Monarch, why do we all hate each other’s clubs so much?

Did you know that without Student Council, you wouldn’t have the opportunity to go to Homecoming or Winter Ball? Dances are planned for weeks in advance to decide on the theme, decorations, the date, all of it. Spirit week days are voted on to consider if people will actually enjoy and dress up for it. They are given the opportunity to host an ILC dance, specifically for kids with disabilities to share a good time with them.

Despite The Mix having 2,621 followers on Instagram, I still hear the hate. Working on the most time-consuming projects all year to create eye-appealing magazines and Instagram posts. The first thing I learned this year in Newspaper is that this class is not a joke. I have never had the most time-consuming jobs assigned to me in an elective class before.

This could be their career, this could be their dream, this program is real. Actresses, movie stars, and celebrities work their tails off to make the most entertaining production. If you ask me, thespians at Monarch have 9-5 jobs during “theater season.” Eat, school, audition, practice, sleep, repeat. Memorizing line after line, learning lyrics to a song, building sets, everything.

When Student Council sets up the school dances and pep assemblies, all they want is for everyone to have the best time possible. They plan weeks ahead of time and spend hours of preparation, giving students a good time to make them as happy as possible. The final product is for all of us.

The photo that Mohi Mix posted of you on Instagram may have been a little rough, and you may have had the worst expression ever, but guess what, we’re in high school. I could bet you so much money that everyone who saw that picture had a good laugh and forgot about it the next day.

When theater assigns roles and rehearses after school for hours on end, it’s all to produce a good performance. They rehearse for hours, designing and building beautiful structures for their set, all for an entertaining show. Once again, they’re doing it for the entire school.

You need to wake up right now and understand that we’re all rooting for the same school. We all put in hard work every day to support the Louisville and Superior community. It takes time to be successful, which Monarch clubs, sports, and classes take to give you a wonderful outcome. We want Monarch to be the strongest and best high school. It’s as simple as that.

The “I don’t like…” Needs to stop, it’s getting old. The “Stu-Co doesn’t do anything” and “The Mix posted a bad photo of me” needs to stop. I simply don’t care if you have beef with someone in a club, sport, or a class. Be a person with real feelings and act like you’re rooting for the same thing, because you are.

It might not be fun, but get out of your head and stop overthinking it. Grow up, be the bigger person, get past your feelings, and recognize that you and 2,000 other students are trying to make Monarch the best it can possibly can be.

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