The Forum: A New Hope


Will Petersen

Senior Gabe Austin and sophomore Alec Enroth delve into their studies in the Forum on April 4th, 2014. The Forum is located at the end of the counseling hallway below the library and is open to all Monarch students.

Well, it’s not really new, in fact it has existed for numerous years now, but The Forum  may present you hope if you’re looking for help in any subject during school hours and even until 4pm after school. The Forum is located directly below the library and down the hall from the counseling office, in a corner of the school that many may be unaware of.

Inside of The Forum, you will find a handful of resources available, including Mr Carlson: a full time Monarch faculty member with a teaching license who is educated in many different subjects. “I started off in college as kind of an engineering major, which really helped in giving me a math and science background” said Carlson. He eventually got a degree in Social Studies, and taught social studies down in Parker, CO at Cimarron Middle School prior to working in The Forum.

Carlson isn’t the only accessible resource in The Forum either. “Teachers will also do drop-in sessions during their planning periods sometimes” he explained. “Math and Science teachers are usually the ones down here” said Carlson, adding that Language Arts teachers occasionally come in. Computers, textbooks, comfortable chairs, and even a microwave also all make The Forum a nice quiet place to focus on schoolwork.

There is also a class that takes place in The Forum during the day, called Advisory, that students in any grade can take as a sort of study hall type class, giving free time to work on schoolwork. Carlson said that aside from the class, he sees anywhere from “about 20-30” students each day come in to work on schoolwork or to get assistance from him.

So if you have have work to do and need a comfortable and calm workspace during an off period, tutor time or even lunch, The Forum is a solid option.